Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Solstice

It is 14.5deg Celsius outside and Hong Kong is celebrating the winter solstice.
Friends around me are getting homesick, and I am just recovering from diarrhea.
I am on antibiotics and I cannot drink.

How do I keep my sanity?

Pinakbet and lechong kawali.

Brings you a bit closer to home, doesn't it?

Saturday, December 05, 2009


An sms-exchange minutes before (and during) "Rakrakan", a musical event in the Middle East featuring famous and up-and-coming homegrown Filipino bands, and which is also considered the biggest annual Filipino event in the area. Like in the past 3 years, this year's Rakrakan was spearheaded by my younger brother, Mai.

"Malapit na mag start ung show. Kinakabahan ako kuya."
(The show's about to start. I'm feeling nervous.)

-Mai La Sahara

"Ha?!?! Bat ka kakabahan, e hindi naman ikaw ang magpe-perform! Wag ka ngang feeling!"
(Huh?!?! Why are you nervous, you're not the one performing anyway. It's not always about you.)


"Ticket sales aren't good pero ok naman. May kinita naman kami. BUt I'm so happy. Everyone's having a good time. ANg sabi ng boss ko, bihasang-bihasa na ako. Kaya ko na daw mag-isa. :-) I love you mama and kuya!"
(Ticket sales aren't good but that's ok. We broke even somehow. But I'm so happy. Everyone's having a good time. My boss said I'm getting very good at this. He thinks I can now do it on my own. :-) I love you mama and kuya!)

-Mai La Sahara

"You know what else you're getting good at? Making us even prouder of you than we already are. Congratulations! Love you too. P.s. If your boss really thinks you can now that self-sufficient, tell him to take a leap of faith and open The Filipino Channel in Hong Kong and send you here. Miss you!"