Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chiquitta Weekend

16 July 2011
  • Thanks the Gigi & Joanna for performing with me for the last time.
  • Thanks to Joseph for the free-flowing champagne.
  • Thanks to Evan for giving me the final goodbye spot of the night.
  • Thanks to Asia & Janine for your awesome help.
  • Thanks to T for being my ever-reliable volunteer PA-slash-photographer-slas​h-videographer-slash-criti​c-slash-boyfriend.
  • Thanks to the Volume denizens for the warm, loving reception.
  • Thanks to Volume, its staff & crew, all the drag queens and princesses (Heda Turner, Krystle Meth, Tiara Ferrari, Coco Pop, Lovely Cox, Gigi Reyes, Fabiola Asustadiza, Joanna Inerva, Lady Kinky), gogo boys, DJs, singers, dancers (especially Terra, Megan, Adam, JC, Nick, Angel, Anthony Hector, Dovie, Tomas, Gerald, Drew, Andrew, Ian), models, and everyone who's been part of it, in one way or another for the many wonderful memories and for cradling me in my growth through all these years.
  • Thanks to that gentleman whose name I have yet to find out, who told me how he has observed and marveled at my growth as a drag artist.

16 July 2011
  • For this last proper day off for the next three weeks.

17 July 2011
  • To Eric & Edowan of Fruits in Suits for trusting my judgement and giving me the freedom to decide on their show.

18 July 2011
  • La Chiquitta via Twitter: 9 songs, 4 hairstyles, 6 outfits, 3 events in 2 weeks. Thank you, fairy godmother for the blessings. Next: The ballet. Guide me, Terpsichore

19 July 2011
  • La_chiquitta wishes to thank the organizers and the fabulous crowd from Fruits in Suits for the warm, generous reception. --via Twitter

Monday, July 11, 2011

Back To The Grind

7 July 2011
  • For the arrival
  • For the chance to reconnect with my little sanctuary

8 July 2011
  • For the upward trend of the figures.
9 July 2011
  • To Paul, for making me part of his fabulous birthday party, and for the generous and warm reception that his friends gave La Chiquitta
  • For my very supportive partner

10 July 2011
  • To Verna, for her perseverance
11 July 2011
  • For my job. I love my job.
  • For yoga
  • To T, for yet another dinner he so lovingly prepared.
12 July 2011
  • Michelada on a humid summer night.
13 July 2011
  • For my love for cooking that T is very appreciative of.
  • For Asia & Janine, their talent, and their willingness to help.
14 July 2011
  • For the 10-minute lunch break siesta that helped me get through the day.
15 July 2011
  • "LC... ! i just received the raw uncut version of the video... it looks fantastic.. I don't whether to edit it or not...mmmmm need to decide..but you look FAB! g/f.... what a night to remember ..thank you. See you tomorrow night !! seriously ... it is so good.. I can show you the raw version...but I will get the guys to make a dvd and put different menu titles... you are SO good... can't wait til the next party... ha" -- Lady R, via Facebook