Monday, July 11, 2011

Back To The Grind

7 July 2011
  • For the arrival
  • For the chance to reconnect with my little sanctuary

8 July 2011
  • For the upward trend of the figures.
9 July 2011
  • To Paul, for making me part of his fabulous birthday party, and for the generous and warm reception that his friends gave La Chiquitta
  • For my very supportive partner

10 July 2011
  • To Verna, for her perseverance
11 July 2011
  • For my job. I love my job.
  • For yoga
  • To T, for yet another dinner he so lovingly prepared.
12 July 2011
  • Michelada on a humid summer night.
13 July 2011
  • For my love for cooking that T is very appreciative of.
  • For Asia & Janine, their talent, and their willingness to help.
14 July 2011
  • For the 10-minute lunch break siesta that helped me get through the day.
15 July 2011
  • "LC... ! i just received the raw uncut version of the video... it looks fantastic.. I don't whether to edit it or not...mmmmm need to decide..but you look FAB! g/f.... what a night to remember ..thank you. See you tomorrow night !! seriously ... it is so good.. I can show you the raw version...but I will get the guys to make a dvd and put different menu titles... you are SO good... can't wait til the next party... ha" -- Lady R, via Facebook