Saturday, April 26, 2008

Something(s) To Smile About

At 8:23am, 7 minutes before my scheduled alarm today, I woke up feeling weak and miserable. The itch in my throat yesterday had developed into a flu over the course of my 5-hour sleep and the ascorbic acid I OD'ed on and the Nyquill didn't help at all. After several failed attempts to declog my nose, I called in sick; and braced myself for the fucked up day that was ahead of me.

They say it's when one of a person's senses becomes dysfunctional that his other senses becomes more perceptive. It's when he starts to notice other stimuli that he doesn't normally notice. But when one is afflicted with flu, all his senses become dysfunctional. Smelling, tasting, hearing, seeing, touching --- all these are affected. So are his moods and temper. But, according to Rems, when you put just a little bit of an effort to control your mood and your temper, you'll find out that it's when all your senses are dysfunctional that there's one more "sense" that becomes more perceptive of the little things. It is that which science has not yet named. It is that which touches your heart and makes you smile.


Jethro (via sms): "Rye, thank you! Pasensya na at medyo anti-social ako kanina... Magpahinga ka na at magpagaling ka. Wala naman talagang point itong message ko. I'm just happy to know that you are there... We don't need to speak, or say the sweetest things... Our friendship is beyond that, I just want you to be happy. Take care ate! I love you and good night!"


on MSN
2:45:02 PM

nelson: off ka pala...
Rye: call in, friend. :(
nelson: waaaaaaaaaaa... salamat pala sa gathering at food... enjoyed it
Rye: thanks for coming! nag enjoy din ako sobra...naramdaman ko na lang ung baradong ilong ko nung nag uwian na kayo


My doctor, as he was signing my sick leave certificate for today: "You're looking really good, Ryan. Looks like you've been seriously working out and keeping yourself healthy."


The salvia and marigold that I planted in November are now blooming.


More more more!

10 minutes ago, at around 7:50pm, Josh called and said he was at Taste. He asked if there was something I needed from the store. Apparently, he and another friend, Ayi, are coming over for dinner. And it doesn't maaterthat we're having the rechauffe kare-kare I made for last night's dinner. What matters is that they're coming. That means I don't have to spend my sickly Saturday night home alone.

Jethro called to check on me. Such a sweet guy, he is. No wonder people fall for him so quickly.

My anak-anakan, Ryan called to ask how many tank tops I want from Australia. His boyfriend is flying there in a few days and is getting me a dozen of those. Uhmmm!

Blessed. I am just so blessed!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Let's Set Things Straight.

Guy: I'd like to ask you something.

Boy: Go ask.

Guy: Would you go out on a date with me?

Boy: Only if you promise you won't expect something big out of it.

Guy: What do you mean?

Boy: I'd go out on a date with you if it's just a friendly, casual date, and you're not thinking of it as step 1 to a romantic relationship.

Guy: Ok... But why is that?

Boy: Because I'm a drama queen. And I am high maintenance. If you wanna pursue me, I will expect presents. And not simple ones. Big, extravagant presents. I'm too much to handle.

Guy: I see.

Boy: Do you still want to go out with me?

Guy: Of course. Saturday night?

Boy: I might be having a meeting with my financial planner, but i don't know yet. His secretary hasn't confrimed with me.

Friday, April 18, 2008

About A Boy And A Man

It had only been 2 hours since the boy and the man lay on the queen-sized bed of the hotel, "fooling around" (as the man put it). The man started rolling the tip of his tongue on the boy's left nipple and the boy responded with a pleasurable grunt. The man rubbed his bulge against the boy's, which, by then was so stiff, it was as if almost ready to explode.

With a devilish smile, the man asked the boy, "Horny?"

Flashing his smile --- his charming, boyish smile, as the man described it --- shyly, the boy replied, "Yes."

"How horny?"

"Hideously horny. You won't even understand."

"Ok. Stay there." The man punctuated their exchange and sat in front of his computer.

Thirty minutes later, the man hurried to his phone as it rang almost obtrusively. "Hey! Come up. 2419," he said quickly, without giving the other person on the line enough time to say anything other than "Hello?"

Few minutes later, a hunky chinese dude came in. The man asked him whether he wanted to play with the boy. He said that he'd love to. The man asked the boy, and he agreed with much enthusiasm. They fucked on the bed while the man sat beside his computer, watching them. Jacking off to them.

As soon as both the boy and the dude came, the man instructed the dude to leave, for the reason that the boy needed to rest. He did so without even asking the boy first whether he really wanted to rest. Or whether he wanted to play with the dude again. But the boy didn't budge. For the boy, it felt nice that he was with a man who acted like a man for him.

A little later, the boy told the man he was still horny. He said so hoping that the man would read it as "I want to have sex with you." But the man didn't seem to understand it that way. He went to his computer again and later on, two guys arrived. When the boy and the guys decided to play three-way, the man left the room, and returned only when he was sure the act was done.

The man asked the guys to leave and suggested to the boy to wash up. When the boy finished, he lay next to the man. They held each other and the boy rested his head on the man's chest, who by such time was tracing the outline of the boy's naked body.

A few deep breaths later, and almost two hours after the sex marathon began, the boy finally mustered the courage to ask, "Don't you find me sexually attractive?"

The man opened his mouth to answer, but he was cut by the boy.

"Wait, before you say anything, I want to say, for the record, that I have only had three relationships all my life. The shortest of them, spanned for two years. But I have fallen for a lot more than just three. Tens, maybe hundreds even, if we will include the spur-of-the-moment love affairs which didn't last more than 5 minutes. Having said that, please know that I am so used to rejection, I can handle it very positively and in a very mature fashion. I have come to terms with the thought that rejection is part of any relationship, and sometimes we just have to live with it. And I can live with it. So you don't need to lie. Don't you find me sexually attractive?"

"It's not fair to say that I don't find you sexually attractive."

The boy waited for the man to bolster his anwer. But it seemed that there was nothing to follow. With the same calmness that the man had when he said his piece, the boy asked, "Why don't you wanna have sex me then?"

With a sudden burst of exasperation, the man sat up and almost screaming, he said, "God knows how much I want to have sex with you. I wanna fuck your brains out better than that chinese guy did! God, you made me hard the minute you walked in my room. But I can't."

"Why not? We never even kissed."

"Because I am HIV positive. And I don't want you to regret this day that we met."


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Binatang Pilipina

by Proceso Geladuga II
24 x 30 inches
oil on canvas

Ryeness, "Binatang Pilipina"

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Isang Tulog Na Lang!!

The Dan & Rye Show Season 3
opens April 14 2008, 11pm-HK time

artwork credit: Remcyl of Ang Kabadingan ng Pilipino


Saturday, April 12, 2008


My apologies.

Look, I'm really busy, ok? I'm so busy I don't even have time to come up with a decent post. Or spend some quality time with my best friend, Dan. Or edit part 3 of the Bohol trip series. Or coordinate with TD&RS web designer. Or make myself some dinner. I'm sorry, it's just that.... Uhmm... Nora Walker (Emmy Award-winner Sally Field) is in love with Isaak (Danny Glover).

Hello! That's Danny Glover and Sally Field. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, I'm telling ya. I'll be back soon, I promise. For now, here's something to make you dancers, dance aficionados, performers, and fans of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance, drool. (Thanks, Tebs for sharing!)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The 5AM Post

Somebody--- anybody--- please wake me up at 10am. I can't go to the gym later and I need to at least call my gym buddy to apologize profusely.

I didn't plan to not go. It's just that I can't work out with only 4 hours of sleep. I know it's my fault. It was a lapse in judgement on my part. It's 5am, and I'm right here, sitting naked, alone in my living room, with an empty bottle of red wine, an overflowing ashtray and a dry glass beside me. I've been sobbing and chuckling and sobbing-and-chuckling-at-the-same-time sporadically over the past 12 hours and I am here now, quite tipsy and feeling stupid. Not to mention, hooked. Big time.

Blame Enan and Steve and Josh (oh no! Josh... not you again!) for introducing me to this latest addiction.

And blame Greg Berlanti, the dramatic genius of our generation, as well --- the director of The Broken Hearts club (which, by the way I have seen for over a million times and will continue to do so until the day I die) --- for bringing us Brothers & Sisters. Damn! I just can't get enough of it!

Oh! I've gotten way out of control with this marathon. I barely spoke to any of my friends since the time I sat in front of my computer and started watching. I ditched calls, I ignored IMs, I even missed dinner, for Chrissakes!

Okay, enough. I'm gonna go to bed now so that I can wake up before 10 to be able to at least call my poor gym buddy.

Alright, alright. Maybe not yet. Just one more episode, I promise. Sarah & Joe are finally reconciling and that stupid Justin is starting to get to know Rebecca. And Hollie! Oh my god, she said "I let you treat me like dirt because I loved and respected your father. But I am done treating you with any measure of civility." She is about to step up and take revenge! I wonder what grand plans she is coming up with. And that guy, that model guy that Samantha Jones dated in SATC, remember him? He and Kevin are dating. Oh, and Rob Lowe. Rob Lowe, yes, Rob Lowe.

One last episode. I promise.

Monday, April 07, 2008

I Lied.

Yes, I did. I lied.

And although it is painful to admit it, I will admit it dauntlessly, because you are a friend of mine and you've been nothing but good to me. You deserve the truth. The truth I will give you. Here. Now.

And the truth is -- No. I haven't stopped drinking. Neither have I quit smoking. I haven't and I have no plans of doing so in the near future.

I just switched to a different brand of moisturizer. That's all.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Tinted Moisturizer
I've given up on L'oreal for Men. They just don't work for me.

And ok, I admit there are two more products that I'm using now. But I'm not ready to divulge them just yet. Don't worry, I will someday.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

What Could Be More Ridiculous

...than a fag saying "I'm not gay. I'm a straight-tripper"?

A person texting: "Oh please. Discussions thru text are so lame. So lame. And i will end with that.", after involving himself in an sms-exchange that bounced back and forth 9 times. Nine. If he thought it was lame, how come 4 of those 9 messages came from him? How, in God's dear name did that happen?

Evasion? Is that what it's called? Or finding an easy way out? Or maybe double standards? Maybe that's it. Double standards. Almost like when he said "The world doesn't revolve around you and your standards." Can you believe that statement would come from the same person, take note: the same person that expected everyone whom he was on vacation with to adjust to his sudden tantrums and outbursts (in the plural) of obnoxiousness?

And yes, maybe he should end with that. Because the more he talks (or texts), whether as a statement or "a mere conversation with friends" (so friendly conversations aren't supposed to be taken seriously anymore? Anything we say in a conversation with friends should never be quoted?), the more he makes an inconsistent fool of himself.


Broadcast you want, broadcast I give you.

I play fair, y'know, in case you were too busy coming up with profound philosophies that, preposterously, you can not live up to, to notice.

When this whole thing starts to get in your nerve and you start feeling pissed off, remind yourself that you started it. Or at least ask someone to remind you. A friend. A real friend --- someone you really listen to. (Is there anyone at all that you listen to anyway? I doubt there is; because while the world doesn't revolve around me, you still think it revolves around you. How lucky can you get!)

I'm done pampering you. I'm so done stroking your fragile ego and your emotional immaturity that you hide under the guise of lambing.

And I'm done with this post. For now.

Good night!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

You Know Who To Blame

This is Josh.

He is one of the newest friends that I have and truly enjoy being with.

Tonight Dan and I invited him over to our place for some drinks. Chris promised to come as well. So did Nelson. It was very spontaneous, in comparison to our other get-togethers.

At around 10:30pm, Nelson and Chris arrived with a 3-liter box of white commercial white wine, and Josh, with a bag of chips, flavored cream cheese, and his poker set. None of us knew how to play poker but he was determined to make us learn in less than 30 minutes. We did. And enjoyed it immensely.

This is Josh.

If you see me in the future, sleeping on the streets, penniless, it's probably because I've spent all my money on casino.

You know who to blame.

P.s. Oh! Earlier tonight, Josh read my post entitled "Choices" and decided to give me a bottle of 212. So if you see me in the future, sleeping on the streets, penniless, but smelling of Carolina Herrera 212, you know who to blame. And thank na rin.