Monday, March 31, 2008


I am lost.

I believe that one of the purchases that have to be given much thought and consideration is that of perfumes, because the scent one is wearing can make or break him. Most of the time, people associate the scent with the wearer; and I don't wanna be associated with the wrong scents (or wrongly associated to scents. Whatever.). How often do we hear people say, "Eew! You smell like that cocky brat who thinks he's God's gift to mankind!" or "Oh you're turning me on! You smell like my ripped gym instructor!"

That's my point.

I decided to ditch my Paris Hilton scent and am currently seeking for a substitute. As suggested by the uber chic and sophisticatedly trendy Desiree Guico-Alonzo, I dropped by Sasa, the leading cosmetics and perfume chain here in HK, to check out the Carolina Herrera line.

Two of the many scents charmed me the most: Carolina Herrera 212 and Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy.

212 is more playful, while 212 Sexy is more sensual. 212 is more youthful, while 212 Sexy is more sophisticated. 212 is the scent I'd love to flaunt, while 212 Sexy is the scent I'd love for the man I'd want to sleep with, wear.

I sprayed each on either wrists and apparently, they both work well with my body chemistry. I told the salesgirl I was going back tomorrow. But I really don't know whih to choose.


There's this white leather DKNY bag that I've been salivating for and decided to buy come next payday.

When I saw the Ricoh R8 print ad sometime two weeks ago, I decided to purchase that instead of the bag.
As I was walking to Sasa tonight, I saw a really nice beautiful pair of shades by Salvatore Ferragamo.
It's been a while since I treated myself to a leather bag.

My Sony digicam isn't functioning anymore.

The shades tht I'm using now are about two years old and are way out of style.

All three of them cost around the same price. I can only afford one, unless I decide not to eat for a whole month.

Which should I get?
I could only hope for that time to come when I could buy everything I want and not have to make difficult choices anymore.