Saturday, March 29, 2008

Have Dan And Rye Ended Their Friendship?

No. I doubt that will ever happen.

Whatever happened to The Dan & Rye Show? It's coming back pretty soon.

When we ended our second season, we didn't know it would take us so long to open the third. A lot of things have happened in the course of 2 months that we hardly found the time to sit and talk about what to do for the next season.

In our first season, we were kitschy and somewhat insolent. In our second, we got a bit more serious and opinionated. What will we be in our third? The answer to that, until now, we do not know. The only questions we've managed to discuss and resolve are:

"Have you chosen which of the obb's to use?" from Joel McVie,


"When are you coming back?"
from Dats.

And the respective answers are:

"Yes, we have.",


"Season 3 opens on April 14, our anniversary."

Besides those mentioned, there are a lot more questions that we haven't really discussed, like the one that we raised ourselves when, after recording the Pinas Podcast Ep., Joel mentioned that we were ready to face the camera. Until now, we couldn't really tell.

"Are we really ready to go on-cam?"