Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bonne Vacances! (Cebu Part2)

Few minutes before 10 pm, I got an sms from Aries, The Warrior Princess, an online friend that we met thru our podcast, saying that he was already at East West. The bar was just across the street from the hotel where we were staying. After replying to his text, I put on my shoes, sprayed a little of my cologne and headed there as quickly as I could.

I was just on my first bottle of San Mig Light and Aries and I hadn't really talked about much yet when Dan and John arrived.

with Aries

Later, our group of 5 grew to a whole bunch of noisy bitches gossiping, drinking and taking pictures.

Before midnight, we left East West and headed to Paseo, a gymnasium converted to one big concert hall with numerous bars lining its perimeter, and met up with the groom, Jay R and his brothers and cousins. After a few pitchers of kamikaze, Fritz (the queen of Cebu gay nightlife--- Bow kami sa yo, Fritz!) and (OMG! I can't remember the other guy's name!) arrived. Their arrival marked the beginning of a long, retarded night.

Nick, moi, JayR and Dan

with Fritz and him

A few minutes past 2, Fritz led the way to "Naughty Ka!", a local gay strip club, where I fell in love with a certain Mike. (They all are Mike's, aren't they?) He was about 5'11, had a wonderfully-sculpted torso, mestizo, had really really sexy pits, nice strong arms, a little-above average package, and he barely smiled in his number. My dream boytoy! Did I "table" him? I didn't. First of all, csh was starting to run low when he started dancing. Second of all, even if I did have the money, I doubt our interaction will end at the table after having touched his chest. That would mean thousands of pesos on bar fine and tips. See, I can be rational sometimes.

Two rounds of beer and a few trips to the washroom later, we all decided to leave and go back to Paseo. It was about 4am; and we knew Paseo was closed already. That was the point. Perfect time to have quality time with... (drumroll) the waiters of Insomnia!

Daybreak was fast approaching and we wanted to drink some more. So we invited our new friends to our room to continue the merry-making there. What happened next, I refuse to share.

Her Majesty Fritz with our new-found friends

Dan and I woke up the following day 2 hours behind schedule, with a really big hangover, 900pesos poorer, and with a case of the missing hair wax. But we had fun! Oh yes, we did!

...will be continued

Bonne Vacances! (Cebu Part1)

I have already written in brief about how Dan and I almost missed our flight to Cebu. So I'm not gonna write about it anymore in this post.

Fast Forward to the next morning, October 25.

After a quick breakfast at Shakey's, we headed to the nearest mall, Robinson's Place Cebu, to start searching for leather shoes to wear to the wedding. Wrong place. There was nothing interesting in there. There was something really cute that we found on the connecting overpass though --- something which told us we were, NO DOUBT, in the Philippines.

It was funny. And quite embarassing as well. But hello!, in every culture, there is something that people need to reminded NOT to do, no matter how civilized and sophisticated we already are. Or we are, supposedly.

It's really nothing different from the "no Spitting" signs one would find everywhere in HK.

But, yeah, "NO Urinating In Public Places" is very apt for Filipinos. Hurts to admit it but it's true.

Our group left Robinson's and headed to a more "tried and tested" mall --- the Ayala Center.

The first thing that we saw as we entered the doors of Ayala was the Linea Italia signage. "Ricky told me they have a huge sale," I said excitedly. As soon as I said the word "sale", Dan and I started running towards Linea. Then Dan asked, in a really sitcom-ic manner, "Rye, why are we running?" We cracked up for acting as though the sale would only last 5 minutes. We found nothing interesting.

I suggested Mendrez. I used to buy a lot of leather shoes from Mendrez. To our disappointment, nothing still. Two more shops later, Dan found a pair that he already liked. They didn't have his size. I was beginning to get frustrated. There was nothing I could wear to the wedding if I didn't find anything in Ayala.

We decided to split. Dan would go with our Chinese friends to look for a sim card and I would look into the deepest, darkest corners of Ayala Center to find a decent pair of shoes. Then we would meet up when it's purchase time. A little over half an hour later, I called Dan to say I found two pairs that I really liked. But both were out of the budget. He asked me to show them to him in hopes that his opinion might help. He was always the rational shopper of us two. Well, not always. I retract that.

Option #1: Democrata. Black, pointed, Italian leather. So my style. Php6700. I was willing to pay the amount. But that would affect my Boracay budget. And besides, the reason we decided to buy shoes in the Philippines was to economize. We weren't supposed to go over the equivalent of HK$400.00 or else it would've been pointless that we didn't buy the Zara shoes we both wanted.

Option #2: Hugo Boss. Black, pointed, Italian leather, rounded sides. Very French in design. Very me too. Php23,000.00. Dan's only reaction was, "You must be kidding." And of course, my only reaction was, "Yeah. I must be kidding."

Somewhere in the middle of Ayala, while Dan and I were discussing what options we had left, we heard a familiar female voice screaming our names. We were surprised to see it was our good friend, Anna Fegi, who was also in Cebu for the same wedding (the bride, Jing and Anna are sisters). Dan and I shrieked in excitement, which she topped with a higher pitched shriek. It drew attention from other shoppers. When we looked around, everybody was looking at us. Quite embarassing!

get-together photo after the scadalous shriek

With a little bit more patience, we finally found some ok shoes in Rusty Lopez. "Ok", because they were nice but not really fab. Dan found a pair that fit him perfectly. The style that I liked didn't come in size 44. I settled for a 42. They pinch my feet but they were the only ones I really liked. Beauty over comfort.

We later met up with a friend of ours who now lives in Cebu, John who brought us to the salon and drove us later in the evening to Kan-anan ni Kuya Jay, a local restaurant that served really sumptuous grilled food and fresh seafood (our first empacho for the trip); then to the spa.

lutong Cebu! woohoo!

the spa ladies who never stopped laughing at our jokes

After our relaxing pedicure, manicure and foot massage, John went home while we went back to our room to freshen up and get ready for our first Cebu night-out!

...will be continued

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Problem With My Friendship With Dan that we're too close. We're literally like soul mates; we share a lot in common. Too much, even. To a fault. We are so similar in so many ways that there has been countless times when we both felt unqualified to call on each other's attention when one of us is going overboard.

Case In Point #1: About 3 Thursdays ago, Dan and I were both on our day off. We decided to go to the Philippine Consulate in Admiralty to apply for an OEC (OEC: noun, acronym for Overseas Employment Certificate; a tiny piece of paper that exempts OFW's from paying the preposterous Terminal Fee when leaving the Philippines).

While he was in the shower, I checked my horoscope on Friendster and it warned me of impulse buying especially when out with a close friend. I told him that as soon as he got out of the bathroom.

When our main objective for the day has been accomplished, we decided to pass by Pacific Place (a mall right across the street from the Consulate Bldg., that houses stores that anyone who had decided to be careful with his finances should avoid) to have lunch. On the way there, he said he should get himself a stunner, which he will use to zap me everytime I feel the urge to purchase anything. He thought that would eventually kill my shopaholic tendecies.

Well, we went home with really big shopping bags from Sports House, Zara and some other stores. Did he say he was gonna stop me from shopping? Yes, he did say so. But he ended up bringing home with him receipts that amounted to about thrice of purchases for the day.

Case In Point #2: Wednesday, HK International Airport, about 12:25 midnight.

We paid a visit to the smoking area near Boarding Gate 15. He was there, sitting behind me, examining the group of corporate men smoking right in front of me. He was probably deciding which one of them was straight. None of them looked straight, that's why. I was smoking with a MacBook on my lap, chatting with Steve on-cam on YM.

His phone rang. It was our friend Lawlaw. He called to inform us --- no, to alarm us ---that everybody has boarded the plane. We were the only ones missing. We ran to the boarding gate with all our might and presented our boarding passes to the groud staff with the cutest smile we could ever muster. Our charm didn't work. We didn't really stress over it. Ground staff, hello! Care ko?! So anyway, we got on the plane laughing at ourselves, and everyone was seated already. Seated and staring at us like we were the bastards who plotted the 9-11 terrorist attack. That was the longest walk we've ever done so far from a plane's front door to its row 15.

We haven't even begun fastening our seatbelts when the head of the cabin crew locked the door and announced that we were ready to leave.

Case In Point #3: Wednesday night, Cebu City...

...will be continued IF Dan grants me the permission to share the incident.


Quote For The Day:

Remi to Rye: "hanggang boracay, internet pa rin ang kinabi-busy mo?!?!"

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Donde Esta La Ryeness?

I won't be blogging as often over the next 6 days. I might not be blogging at all.

The reason being ----

I'm flying to the Philippines tonight to parteeeh like a son of a bitch!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Zeitgeist 8

I chanced upon this the other night from a blog I don't remember anymore.

Whatever your political opinion is, or even if you don't have one, watch this video. It's worth knowing the truth, if in case it really IS the truth. And if it's not, at least you know that things could be worse.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

And The Nominees

...for The Most Recurring Lines Directed To Rye, Of The Night are...

1) Ikaw lang? Nasan si Dan?

2) What are you drinking?

3) Are you with Jesse tonight?!?!?!

4) Nice pants, Rye!

5) You need a drink?

6) Hey! How are you?

And the winner is.... Oh my God, it's a tie! The winners are:

(drum roll)

"Hey! How are you?" and "Are you with Jesse tonight?!?!?!"

That was waaaaaaaaaaay predictable, people! I was hoping you'd come up with something more imaginative than "Are you with Jesse tonight?!?!?!"

And The WInner

...for the best Ate Marya Moment is...

(drum roll)

Rye for:

"I didn't come here to make friends. I'm here to collect. Kaya magbayad ka na ng utang mo coz I have something more important to do."

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Joel Says...

Remember our good friend, Joel McVie of the oh-so-famous blog, The McVie Show Season 6?

Well, if you don't, allow me to give you a little refresher.

He was the guy who introduced The Dan & Rye Show to the blogging world with his entries entitled "Shameless Plugging" and "Why You Must Listen TO THe Dan & Rye Show". If you are a regular listener of TD&RS, you would know that he also would be the sole recipient if we were giving out an award for the listener with most comments. And, he was the guy who created 6 out of our 8 OBBS (that's 7 out f 9, including the Wedding OBB that we're releasing next week). If you still don't remember, he was our guest in our over-dinner podcast in the early days of Season 2.

Ok, so this guy, Joel, has a very,very special announcement. Click here to read it.

"Sa ating mga kafatid sa pananampalataya, anufa ang wini-weyt-weyt ninyo diyan?! Click and listen na evur sa The Dan & Rye Show! Or else magiging straight kayo. Na pagong." - Joel McVie, 14 May 2007

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Penny For This Thought

It's been weeks since a good friend, Steve, first heard of me being broke. It's nothing new to me, really --- being broke. I've always been reckless with my finances. And I'd have sporadic moments of guilt here and there but it never really bothered me. But on Saturday night, when everybody was out and having fun, I was at home, being punished for overspending AGAIN. that night, I knew I just had to admit: My recklessness is getting way out of control!

So this good friend once mentioned that he was willing to be my financial planner. But we were drinking that time and we were humoring my spending habits so I didn't think he was serious. And I would guess he didn't think I was serious about my problem either. I talk about it all the time that it has probably lost its "value". Almost short of saying, it's already become a joke.

To cut the long story short, Steve offered again tonight. And he seems to be serious about it. He seems to already know which of my expenses are unnecessary and how much I REALLY am capable of saving. I am impressed, really. It almost seems to me like he's reviewed my financial profile all those nights we were out getting hammered and trying to get a decent lay.

Immediately before I started writing this blog, we were chatting online about this. It got me quite excited and here's why---

He doesn't ask for anything unreasonable in return. Nothing unreasonable --- not even sexual favors from me or any of my friends *winks at Steve*. He knows his Math. He will educate me on Excel. He promised he will never ask to be the sgnatory of my bank account. He doesn't intimidate me with all those sickening financial jargon. He talks sense. And an observation based on friendship, he is rational. (Too rational in fact, that he overanalyzes even matters of the heart)

But come to think of it, all the basic principles that he's mentioned from the first time ever that we talked about money, I've already heard and read about. His offer is just more difficult to resist because of his scientific approach. Hello! Microsoft Excel! Well, that and the fact that I've come to a point that I know that I really have to start doing something about my finances.

Then he said it. What I knew was the ultimate solution but wished he'd be more scrupulous in telling me --- I'll have to be ready. More than anything, it's a complete change in lifestyle. That means cutting down on shopping, abstaining from too many night-outs, and less rendezvous with Collins. It's quite daunting, I must admit. But it's necessary.

The thing is, my willpower, valid reasoning and sound judgement don't always triumph over my impulsiveness. They rarely do, actually. Even with their powers combined. There's only one way that could possibly defeat my being a spendthrift. From the words of Dan, Julius and Chris, I have to be addicted to saving up.

How can I do that?


S2 Ep14 "Busy Ka, Busy Sya, Busy Tayong Lahat! Pero Eto Pa Rin Kami't Nagpaparamdam Because We Love You All!", of TD&RS, Out Now!

Read this episode's title please.

Yun lang.

Have fun!

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Monday, October 15, 2007

5, 6, 7, 8

A few of my fellow dancers don't like taking the dance classes that I give. They feel that I'm not "technical" enough in giving corrections.

Those who do, like my classes because they get my point. We're professional dancers and we're supposed to know already what's right and what's wrong; what to work on and what to correct in and by ourselves. They know that I'm not interested to see impeccable technique. Not all of us can have that. But we are all supposed to know how to interpret a dance --- or a single step, for that matter. That's what I'm more interested to see.

So here is a video of one of the dance classes that I rarely give: Musical Theater Jazz. A short combination to the tune of "I'm A Woman" from Smokey Joe's Cafe. The class was divided into three: the men, the women, and those that refused to fall in either category --- men in high heels; masculine bodies with feminine projection. ("Refused" being the operative word)

Now that's what I call interpretation and characterization.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I Love You, Collin!

We met at the most unexpected moment.

I learned to love you instantly.

From that day on, I just wanted to be with you every minute. Every day.

But you're such high maintenance. I don't think I can afford your lifestyle.

Still, I really, really love you. I'm serious. Please don't ever leave me.

You're the best!

This is for you. And this is my way of showing the world how much I love you.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Letter For A Friend

11 October 2007

Dear Wonderboy,

I've been meaning to write you this letter way before I met you personally. Back in the day when I was just among the audience watching you perform and you didn't even know I existed. It took me so long to finally do it. Why I procrastinated, I can not even remember.

From now on, know that it is you I am referring to whenever I say "Wonderboy". And it's not because of your amazing talent and wonderful facilities but because you make me wonder. Yes, I wonder about a lot of things about you, and here's why ---

You are an exceptional dancer. You have everything any other dancer could wish for --- and more. Your legs are well-built. Your thighs are nicely-shaped, and so are your calves that sit high on your lower leg, and your extensions are astonishing. They show extraordinary power in grand allegro, astonishing control and strength in adagio, and incredible agility in petit allegro. Their indefectible turn out create impeccable lines that stretch from the hips all the way to your beautifully arched, winged feet.

Your adroit arms are long, controlled, elegant and very expressive. They adapt easily to any genre of dance that you do. They can be explosive, lyrical, sturdy, or grounded. They can do anything that any particular dance type would so require.

Your back is strong and very solid. So is your center. Whatever movement you do, your torso makes your dancing look secure, technically proficient, and sharp.

You're a turner, a jumper, and very athletic. You make dancing look so easy. Your dancing prowess demonstrates years and years of hardwork and rigid training. You are fantastic. As a dancer. You are fantastic as a dancer. And you know it. Everybody knows it. Wait, do you?

I'm sure you do. You see yourself in the mirror in dance classes and rehearsals. In fact, that's all you ever do, right? Stare at yourself admiringly at the mirror? And I'm sure you compare yourself with other dancers. Come on, don't tell me you don't. I hear you everyday doing that. Besides, a lot of raving reviews have been written about your dancing. I'm sure you read them. You don't just compile all of them and bring them everywhere with you; you read them too, right?

Maybe you don't really know how skilled a dancer you really are, but I know you know you are far better than a lot of us.

So why do you need to be fishing everyday for compliments? It's ok to do that once in a while. We all do that. We're performers. We're attention whores. But everyday? Every fucking day? At any given time or place?

How much attention do you really need? Please don't tell me all that was deprived of you when you were growing up. We can't give you that much. We have other things to do too, you know. And we also have other friends who need our attention.

And just because we also give these other friends our attention doesn't mean we're belittling your talent. As I've already mentioned, we all know you're marvelous. You don't have to shove that fact down our throats every 10 minutes.

Tell me, Wonderboy, what caused your overwhelming neediness? Upbringing? Social influence? Too much TV? Insecurity?

I'm guessing it's not insecurity though. You're so disgustingly talented. And according to you, you are sexy and gorgeous, right? So what's there for you to be insecure about? Ohhhhhhhh... don't tell me that zit on your nose that's been there for more than 4 years now!

Oh well. Whatever. Think about it. And just tell me when you know the answer already. Just, you know.. to feed my curiosity just a little bit.



P.s. And by the way, why do we always need to talk about your dick?


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Shall I Sing To You My Lullaby?

photo credit: Tobyotter

This scene is not new to me. Me, sitting here in the dark by your kitchen sink, smoking the last cigarette from my pack while you're in bed, fast asleep. You, exhausted and still naked from another spur of the moment, wandering in dreams, while I, waiting impatiently for sunrise or sleep.

Spur of the moment. That's how we used to call it. You started that, remember? Because you desired me immensely but you were too scared to love me. To fall for me. And that phrase --- that "spur of the moment" phrase that we used, to refer to kissing and fondling and fucking and all that--- absolved you from any emotional obligation.

Did you really think I was convinced? Did you really think that I was fine with that? Or did you know I wasn't but you continued to prey on me nonetheless because you knew that I wasn't strong enough to resist?

You knew me very well. You knew the right words to say to make me want you. You knew just where to touch me and kiss me. You knew just where to run your tongue to make me drop to my knees --- defenseless, wanting, needing --- and ask for more. You knew how to smile at me and romance me with your words after we've both reached our peak to make me ready for another spur of the moment that may come anytime in the coming days. On your own terms. At your own convenience. And you knew very well how to say "good night" and turn away. You knew when exactly to doze off to make me realize it was just that. A spur of the moment. Nothing else.

Tonight was no different. Except that before, I would ask myself why, while sitting in this very corner of your house. Why did I allow you to use me AGAIN? Why could I just not say "no"? Why does the moon and the stars and the walls of your apartment seem to be staring at me; mocking me for my weakness? Why has my better judgement escaped me momentarily? And why do you keep doing that?

No. Not tonight. Tonight, I await neither sleep nor sunrise. I sit here, devoid of guilt or hopes or anything the your fragile ego thrived on. I am here, not wanting to touch you tenderly in your sleep like I used to. I am simply waiting for this last cigarette from my pack to finish. Then I'll leave.

On my own terms. At my own convenience. This time, it is my spur of the moment. Mine.


Same Time, Last Year

photo credit: KaStBa

It's the first day of autumn.
The cool breeze runs through my
caramel-colored skin
While thoughts of unrequited love,
of Oscar,
or faces, phases and places,
of my shooting star,
of my childhood,
of my aspirations,
of Remi and Mai
--run through my mind.

Another sip of my iced coffee
finds its way
into my system.
Running from my salivating mouth
down to my
that dried up from too much running
in performance.

I watch the afternoon sun
run slowly away from sight
as the waters from a man-made lagoon I sit by
run placidly

My thumb runs swiftly
through keys of letters
on my Nokia,
in an attempt to record this
moment before the inspiration runs
---and leaves my mind idle.

Go away no more,
O, sweet inspiration!
Stay with me so I may escape
the wicked, uncompromising reality
that never
out of energy
or reason
to haunt me,
no matter how I try
to break away.
No matter how I try to
run away.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Hello mga kasuy!

Tuloy na tuloy na ang TD&RS sa Pinas! Listen to S2 Ep13, "Excited Na Kami!" of the show to keep yourselves posted with our itinerary in the Philippines.

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Monday, October 08, 2007

I Started A Joke

October something of 2005 --- Alex, a good friend, was celebrating his first birthday in Hong Kong where Dan and I were invited. At around 8pm, he came by our house to pick up the spaghetti al tono that he had asked Mamu, my flatmate, to make for his party.

He passed by my room. My door was open. He saw me in boxers in front of my computer. He then asked, "Are you not coming?"

"I have nothing to wear, Alex", I dramaticaaly answered.

"Do you really have to be 'dressed'? I didn't impose a dress code. Just come. I don't care what you wear."

"Even rehearsal clothes?" I was trying to be funny.

"Even rehearsal clothes." He was serious.

So Dan and I went. In colorful rehearsal clothes (plus silly headbands).

July something of 2006 --- Alex threw a thanksgiving party for the contract renewal. Dan and I received his invitation via sms. He was expecting us to be in costume.

We didn't have enough time to look for costumes but we managed to rag out our wigs. And some falsies.

That night, our dear friend, Jinky Llamanzares officially baptized us as the "Wea twins".

October something of 2006 --- Alex's second HK birthday. This time around, it was his guests that were expecting, more than him. Dilemma: those same people had already seen us in drag. The question was, "How do we shock them?"

The answer:

October 5, 2007 --- Alex's last birthday in HK. It was a Friday. We didn't receive any invitation until Wednesday. Two days prior to the event. We began telling him (and his fellow celebrants and friends) not to expect. We were advised on such short notice. But we didn't wanna let him down.

And like in the previous years, it took us around half an hour before we actually got to eat. Photo ops, non-stop!

One friend jokingly commented, "You guys upstaged the birthday guys again!"

We did not. We just gave them the gift they really wanted.

To our dear friend, Alex ---

Even after the sights and sounds of this bustling city are forgotten, may these ladies in cheong sams forever remind you of how good it all has been.


Saturday, October 06, 2007

Five Minutes To Bedtime

I've realized just very recently that I don't sleep in the same position anymore as I did before. By before, I meant not more than 6 months ago.

I used to be a fetus sleeper. Now, the only way I can get to doze off is by lying on my back with arms up and on the sides of my pillow: the starfish position.

And they say that one's sleeping position says a lot about his personality.

According to Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, based on studies conducted by his clinic, "those who curl up in the foetus position are described as tough on the outside but sensitive at heart. They may be shy when they first meet somebody, but soon relax."

On the other hand, "[starfish] sleepers make good friends because they are always ready to listen to others, and offer help when needed. They generally don't like to be the centre of attention."

I wonder what caused this change in me.

Oh well! It's bedtime. I'll think about it tomorrow instead.

Reference: "How Do You Sleep?", Skytrax

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Second Deadly Sin: GULA

ON the phone at 7:00 pm tonight, Dan asked me in the middle of his bench presses what I made for dinner.

Proudly, I said,"Mamili ka: ginataang alimasag, ginataang sitaw at kalabasa, hinalabos na hipon o tahong. (Take your pick: crabs in coconut milk, string beans and squash in coconut milk, pan-fried shrimps ot mussels.)"

"Wow!", he exclaimed. That was all he said. He didn't even pick.

Ginataang Alimasag

Crabs slow-cooked for three hours in coconut milk, pre-simmered for 30 minutes with lots of garlic and ginger, fish sauce, a bit of ground turmeric, cumin seeds and crushed siling labuyo.

Ginataang Sitaw at Kalabasa

The traditional lola's dish with a generous helping fo pork belly --- tenderized to perfection; and a dash of ground dried chili.

Hinalabos Na Hipon

Arabian Shrimps --- fat and juicy --- pan-fried and served with a burning-hot dip of patis, lemon and crushed siling labuyo and garlic kangkong on the side, with a few drops of bagoong balayan.


Fresh large mussels simmered in bouillabaise-inspired soup base with ginger, garlic, basil, mint, marjoram and a little bit of patis to give it an authentic Asian flavor.

One would think Dan and I had invited guests for dinner. Truth is, we didn't. That dinner was just for the two of us. I might have already mentioned in the past that eating is one of the activities that Dan, Chris (but he wasn't here tonight, so he's absolved) and I love doing together the most. What I failed to mention though, is that we do have gluttonous tendencies.


Dan and me in one of the gazillion pig-outs we've had over the past 2+ years

The Birthday Saga 5


Once I Had A Dream
25 September 2007

Back in the not-so-distant past, my best friend, Louis and I would come home from Malate, lie in my bed and talk endlessly about our dreams --- all millions of them, from the silliest to the most outrageous. Two of those that I would always tell him were: to be a debutante and to be a bartender.

With a little bit of help from Joseph and Evan (the very good-hearted owners of Volume), Chris, Dan, Ayi and everyone who came that night at Volume, those two little dreams became reality.

Styling: Chris; Photo Documentation: Dan; Podcast Documentation: Chris & Dan; Music: DJ Stonedog
Volume, 25 Sept 07

Dan called the night, "the culmination of Rye's week-long birthday celebration". Rabbi referred to it as "the big boozefest at Volume". For Chris, it was my "it day". For me, it was a celebration of life --- a life so wonderful and blessed, for which, I could never thank the Supreme Being enough.
"The final leg of Rye's birthday party was a big boozefest in Volume. Rye arrives in a fully beaded gown, face made up, hair coiffed.That's how I will always remember Rye-- as a friend who is unafraid to blitz the boundaries of reality and fantasy until he creates a gelatinous membrane of human experience.

We were once trapped in
jello together.
Heaving, floating, quavering.
What a joy it was, slicing
through it--
arms, legs, telekinetically--
with you.
Happy Birthday,

...will be continued. promise.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


photo credit: "mess" by washako16

Pronunciation: \ˈmes\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English mes, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin missus course at a meal, from missus, past participle of mittere to put, from Latin, to send — more at
Date: 14th century

1: a quantity of food: a) archaic : food set on a table at one time b): a prepared dish of soft food; also : a mixture of ingredients cooked or eaten together c): enough food of a specified kind for a dish or a meal

2 a): a group of persons who regularly take their meals together; also : a meal so taken b): a place where meals are regularly served to a group : mess hall

3 a): a disordered, untidy, offensive, or unpleasant state or condition b): one that is disordered, untidy, offensive, or unpleasant usually because of blundering, laxity, or misconduct <[the movie] is a mess, as sloppy in concept as it is in execution — Judith Crist>

4: a large quantity or number


(Merriam Webster Online)


Rye and "cool guy" run into each other in a bar. Rye tries to avoid Cool Guy. Cool Guy doesn't say anything either. Not a "hi" or "hello".

Minutes later, an sms exchange follows:

Cool Guy: "You're avoiding me. Don't deny it."

Rye: "Not denying it."

Cool Guy: "Why are you shutting me out of your world, Rye?"

Rye: "Do you want an honest answer?"

Cool Guy: "Yes."

Rye: "You can't handle the truth."

Cool Guy: "Or maybe you can't stand by your own truth."

Rye: "You're really asking for it, huh?"

Cool Guy: "Looks like I am."

Rye: "Because you're a mess. And my world becomes one huge filthy, sickening mess with you in it. I don't like it that way."

Cool Guy: "What do you mean?"

**End of SMS Exchange**

for fags and faghags

Verna is our guest, again, and we talk about women who associate with gay men.

To our fag listeners, invite your female friends a.k.a. fag hags to listen to this episode... nang matauhan (JOKE).


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Birthday Saga 4

Sex And The Plaza
24 September 2007

"Discovery Bay tonight?", Chris asked me even before our day at work began. He was trying to ask whether I wanted to have dinner. Trying. In reality, he meant "Discovery Bay. Tonight." I said yes but I was hesitant. Not that I didn't want to go, but I was just recovering from a retarded weekend and I wasn't sure if I had the right amount of energy to keep up with Dan and Chris --- two of the most animatedly vivacious fags I know.

Then again, they ARE my best friends. I neglected them on my actual birthday, and it was payday. Dinner won't hurt. They weren't asking to go clubbing. So why not?

Without any more protesting, i found myself on the bus to Discovery Bay with Chris at around 630pm. He was bisy texting and calling the entire trip, which was good, because that gave me time to recharge on the ride to dinner. Sporadically, he would turn to me and give suggestions on what to wear the following day, at the Volume party. In my efforts to conserve my energy, I contained my appraisals to his every suggestion in one sentence; delivered in such a way that each sentence was punctuated with "and-that's-my-final-answer" period.

As soon as we got to the DBay Plaza, Chris made another call, murmured, hung up and said, "Malapit na sya. (He's almost here.)"

"Who?" I was puzzled. The way he talked silently on the phone made me think he was referring to an ex-con with an illegal business to pursue with us.


I was relieved. Not because I was scared of meeting somebody with unlwaful intents, but because Dan wasn't gonna be late. (He is notorious for that.)

Chris asked where I wanted to eat. I suggested Hemmingway's. They have really nice food and we could have Painkiller #3 (a rum-based cocktail. It came in 3 variations: #1, which had a shot of rum; #2, with 2 shots; and #3 with three. Hello!) after the meal. He wanted Ebeneezer's. To make the deciding part easier, I said, "Why don't we try something we've never tried?" He agreed.

We headed to Cafe de Paris and checked out their menu. The name they gave their French dishes looked very authentic and appetizing on the menu. The price wasn't that bad too. There was something in the way they individually captioned their dishes, though, that told me their food tasted Chinese. Subtlely, I led Chris to what looked to me like an Italian restaurant.

We browsed the menu and decided it was where the dinner was gonna happen. Reasonable price, they had deep fried camembert, bruschetta, inexpensive wine, and their al fresco section was a smoking area! Purrrrrrrrrrr-fect! We got seated and I was getting ready to ask him where Dan was already when his phone rang. He stood up, excused himself ( he said he needed to go to the bathroom) and walked away. I started to pray that the boys weren't up to something. I was wasted and I was sure I wouldn't have enough gusto for surprises, no matter how big.

Our very dependable server for the night came back to our table and served the two glasses of Shiraz that I ordered for Chris and me. Almost at the same instant, Chris arrived and almost shyly, he confessed that Dan was already in the area and couldn't decide which to buy for me. They had planned to surprise me with either a set of speakers (to replace the one that Dan gave me as a gift last year) or an external hard drive (to save my computer from crashing anytime soon, given it's been thriving on barely 2 Gb over the past two years because of too much porn, programs and files I just refuse to get rid of). He admitted they've both already given up. "Ano ba talaga gusto mo? (What do you really want?)", he asked me in a very desperate tone.

"Bally bag or Prada shoes," I jokingly replied.

"Pakyu! (Fuck you!)", he answered.


Then he asked if it was ok to delay the gift for a few days. They could get better ones at much better, better deals in Sham Shui Po. I said I didn't mind. He called Dan again to ask him to come already. In less than 30 seconds, Dan came to sight.

We then placed our orders, asked our server to take our picture, and started a Sex-and-the-City-ish free flowing conversation about ourselves --- something we hadn't done for a long time, since "Charlotte" found the man of "her" dreams, moved and got married.

Sex and the Plaza girls minus "Charlotte", aka Julius

After devouring on a large greek pizza (the only food item I didn't like because their Feta cheese wasn't as strong as I expected it to be and the olives were a bit overcooked), deep-fried camembert (yummmm!), linguine vongole (disgustingly delightful!), (oh-so-mother-fucking-tender, although not very juicy) veal, bruschetta ( heavenly, except that "you're supposed to slice the tomatoes thinly!!!!! [-broken hearts club]), a few glasses of wine for Chris and me and a gallon of orange juice for Dan, we decided to leave Staten Island and go back to Manhattan. (uhmm... I meant DBay, and Tung Chung rescpectively).

We had a dress rehearsal to do for the party the following day.

...will be continued. promise.