Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Letter For A Friend

11 October 2007

Dear Wonderboy,

I've been meaning to write you this letter way before I met you personally. Back in the day when I was just among the audience watching you perform and you didn't even know I existed. It took me so long to finally do it. Why I procrastinated, I can not even remember.

From now on, know that it is you I am referring to whenever I say "Wonderboy". And it's not because of your amazing talent and wonderful facilities but because you make me wonder. Yes, I wonder about a lot of things about you, and here's why ---

You are an exceptional dancer. You have everything any other dancer could wish for --- and more. Your legs are well-built. Your thighs are nicely-shaped, and so are your calves that sit high on your lower leg, and your extensions are astonishing. They show extraordinary power in grand allegro, astonishing control and strength in adagio, and incredible agility in petit allegro. Their indefectible turn out create impeccable lines that stretch from the hips all the way to your beautifully arched, winged feet.

Your adroit arms are long, controlled, elegant and very expressive. They adapt easily to any genre of dance that you do. They can be explosive, lyrical, sturdy, or grounded. They can do anything that any particular dance type would so require.

Your back is strong and very solid. So is your center. Whatever movement you do, your torso makes your dancing look secure, technically proficient, and sharp.

You're a turner, a jumper, and very athletic. You make dancing look so easy. Your dancing prowess demonstrates years and years of hardwork and rigid training. You are fantastic. As a dancer. You are fantastic as a dancer. And you know it. Everybody knows it. Wait, do you?

I'm sure you do. You see yourself in the mirror in dance classes and rehearsals. In fact, that's all you ever do, right? Stare at yourself admiringly at the mirror? And I'm sure you compare yourself with other dancers. Come on, don't tell me you don't. I hear you everyday doing that. Besides, a lot of raving reviews have been written about your dancing. I'm sure you read them. You don't just compile all of them and bring them everywhere with you; you read them too, right?

Maybe you don't really know how skilled a dancer you really are, but I know you know you are far better than a lot of us.

So why do you need to be fishing everyday for compliments? It's ok to do that once in a while. We all do that. We're performers. We're attention whores. But everyday? Every fucking day? At any given time or place?

How much attention do you really need? Please don't tell me all that was deprived of you when you were growing up. We can't give you that much. We have other things to do too, you know. And we also have other friends who need our attention.

And just because we also give these other friends our attention doesn't mean we're belittling your talent. As I've already mentioned, we all know you're marvelous. You don't have to shove that fact down our throats every 10 minutes.

Tell me, Wonderboy, what caused your overwhelming neediness? Upbringing? Social influence? Too much TV? Insecurity?

I'm guessing it's not insecurity though. You're so disgustingly talented. And according to you, you are sexy and gorgeous, right? So what's there for you to be insecure about? Ohhhhhhhh... don't tell me that zit on your nose that's been there for more than 4 years now!

Oh well. Whatever. Think about it. And just tell me when you know the answer already. Just, you know.. to feed my curiosity just a little bit.



P.s. And by the way, why do we always need to talk about your dick?