Monday, October 08, 2007

I Started A Joke

October something of 2005 --- Alex, a good friend, was celebrating his first birthday in Hong Kong where Dan and I were invited. At around 8pm, he came by our house to pick up the spaghetti al tono that he had asked Mamu, my flatmate, to make for his party.

He passed by my room. My door was open. He saw me in boxers in front of my computer. He then asked, "Are you not coming?"

"I have nothing to wear, Alex", I dramaticaaly answered.

"Do you really have to be 'dressed'? I didn't impose a dress code. Just come. I don't care what you wear."

"Even rehearsal clothes?" I was trying to be funny.

"Even rehearsal clothes." He was serious.

So Dan and I went. In colorful rehearsal clothes (plus silly headbands).

July something of 2006 --- Alex threw a thanksgiving party for the contract renewal. Dan and I received his invitation via sms. He was expecting us to be in costume.

We didn't have enough time to look for costumes but we managed to rag out our wigs. And some falsies.

That night, our dear friend, Jinky Llamanzares officially baptized us as the "Wea twins".

October something of 2006 --- Alex's second HK birthday. This time around, it was his guests that were expecting, more than him. Dilemma: those same people had already seen us in drag. The question was, "How do we shock them?"

The answer:

October 5, 2007 --- Alex's last birthday in HK. It was a Friday. We didn't receive any invitation until Wednesday. Two days prior to the event. We began telling him (and his fellow celebrants and friends) not to expect. We were advised on such short notice. But we didn't wanna let him down.

And like in the previous years, it took us around half an hour before we actually got to eat. Photo ops, non-stop!

One friend jokingly commented, "You guys upstaged the birthday guys again!"

We did not. We just gave them the gift they really wanted.

To our dear friend, Alex ---

Even after the sights and sounds of this bustling city are forgotten, may these ladies in cheong sams forever remind you of how good it all has been.