Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bonne Vacances! (Cebu Part2)

Few minutes before 10 pm, I got an sms from Aries, The Warrior Princess, an online friend that we met thru our podcast, saying that he was already at East West. The bar was just across the street from the hotel where we were staying. After replying to his text, I put on my shoes, sprayed a little of my cologne and headed there as quickly as I could.

I was just on my first bottle of San Mig Light and Aries and I hadn't really talked about much yet when Dan and John arrived.

with Aries

Later, our group of 5 grew to a whole bunch of noisy bitches gossiping, drinking and taking pictures.

Before midnight, we left East West and headed to Paseo, a gymnasium converted to one big concert hall with numerous bars lining its perimeter, and met up with the groom, Jay R and his brothers and cousins. After a few pitchers of kamikaze, Fritz (the queen of Cebu gay nightlife--- Bow kami sa yo, Fritz!) and (OMG! I can't remember the other guy's name!) arrived. Their arrival marked the beginning of a long, retarded night.

Nick, moi, JayR and Dan

with Fritz and him

A few minutes past 2, Fritz led the way to "Naughty Ka!", a local gay strip club, where I fell in love with a certain Mike. (They all are Mike's, aren't they?) He was about 5'11, had a wonderfully-sculpted torso, mestizo, had really really sexy pits, nice strong arms, a little-above average package, and he barely smiled in his number. My dream boytoy! Did I "table" him? I didn't. First of all, csh was starting to run low when he started dancing. Second of all, even if I did have the money, I doubt our interaction will end at the table after having touched his chest. That would mean thousands of pesos on bar fine and tips. See, I can be rational sometimes.

Two rounds of beer and a few trips to the washroom later, we all decided to leave and go back to Paseo. It was about 4am; and we knew Paseo was closed already. That was the point. Perfect time to have quality time with... (drumroll) the waiters of Insomnia!

Daybreak was fast approaching and we wanted to drink some more. So we invited our new friends to our room to continue the merry-making there. What happened next, I refuse to share.

Her Majesty Fritz with our new-found friends

Dan and I woke up the following day 2 hours behind schedule, with a really big hangover, 900pesos poorer, and with a case of the missing hair wax. But we had fun! Oh yes, we did!

...will be continued