Friday, October 26, 2007

The Problem With My Friendship With Dan that we're too close. We're literally like soul mates; we share a lot in common. Too much, even. To a fault. We are so similar in so many ways that there has been countless times when we both felt unqualified to call on each other's attention when one of us is going overboard.

Case In Point #1: About 3 Thursdays ago, Dan and I were both on our day off. We decided to go to the Philippine Consulate in Admiralty to apply for an OEC (OEC: noun, acronym for Overseas Employment Certificate; a tiny piece of paper that exempts OFW's from paying the preposterous Terminal Fee when leaving the Philippines).

While he was in the shower, I checked my horoscope on Friendster and it warned me of impulse buying especially when out with a close friend. I told him that as soon as he got out of the bathroom.

When our main objective for the day has been accomplished, we decided to pass by Pacific Place (a mall right across the street from the Consulate Bldg., that houses stores that anyone who had decided to be careful with his finances should avoid) to have lunch. On the way there, he said he should get himself a stunner, which he will use to zap me everytime I feel the urge to purchase anything. He thought that would eventually kill my shopaholic tendecies.

Well, we went home with really big shopping bags from Sports House, Zara and some other stores. Did he say he was gonna stop me from shopping? Yes, he did say so. But he ended up bringing home with him receipts that amounted to about thrice of purchases for the day.

Case In Point #2: Wednesday, HK International Airport, about 12:25 midnight.

We paid a visit to the smoking area near Boarding Gate 15. He was there, sitting behind me, examining the group of corporate men smoking right in front of me. He was probably deciding which one of them was straight. None of them looked straight, that's why. I was smoking with a MacBook on my lap, chatting with Steve on-cam on YM.

His phone rang. It was our friend Lawlaw. He called to inform us --- no, to alarm us ---that everybody has boarded the plane. We were the only ones missing. We ran to the boarding gate with all our might and presented our boarding passes to the groud staff with the cutest smile we could ever muster. Our charm didn't work. We didn't really stress over it. Ground staff, hello! Care ko?! So anyway, we got on the plane laughing at ourselves, and everyone was seated already. Seated and staring at us like we were the bastards who plotted the 9-11 terrorist attack. That was the longest walk we've ever done so far from a plane's front door to its row 15.

We haven't even begun fastening our seatbelts when the head of the cabin crew locked the door and announced that we were ready to leave.

Case In Point #3: Wednesday night, Cebu City...

...will be continued IF Dan grants me the permission to share the incident.


Quote For The Day:

Remi to Rye: "hanggang boracay, internet pa rin ang kinabi-busy mo?!?!"