Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Birthday Saga 5


Once I Had A Dream
25 September 2007

Back in the not-so-distant past, my best friend, Louis and I would come home from Malate, lie in my bed and talk endlessly about our dreams --- all millions of them, from the silliest to the most outrageous. Two of those that I would always tell him were: to be a debutante and to be a bartender.

With a little bit of help from Joseph and Evan (the very good-hearted owners of Volume), Chris, Dan, Ayi and everyone who came that night at Volume, those two little dreams became reality.

Styling: Chris; Photo Documentation: Dan; Podcast Documentation: Chris & Dan; Music: DJ Stonedog
Volume, 25 Sept 07

Dan called the night, "the culmination of Rye's week-long birthday celebration". Rabbi referred to it as "the big boozefest at Volume". For Chris, it was my "it day". For me, it was a celebration of life --- a life so wonderful and blessed, for which, I could never thank the Supreme Being enough.
"The final leg of Rye's birthday party was a big boozefest in Volume. Rye arrives in a fully beaded gown, face made up, hair coiffed.That's how I will always remember Rye-- as a friend who is unafraid to blitz the boundaries of reality and fantasy until he creates a gelatinous membrane of human experience.

We were once trapped in
jello together.
Heaving, floating, quavering.
What a joy it was, slicing
through it--
arms, legs, telekinetically--
with you.
Happy Birthday,

...will be continued. promise.