Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Same Time, Last Year

photo credit: KaStBa

It's the first day of autumn.
The cool breeze runs through my
caramel-colored skin
While thoughts of unrequited love,
of Oscar,
or faces, phases and places,
of my shooting star,
of my childhood,
of my aspirations,
of Remi and Mai
--run through my mind.

Another sip of my iced coffee
finds its way
into my system.
Running from my salivating mouth
down to my
that dried up from too much running
in performance.

I watch the afternoon sun
run slowly away from sight
as the waters from a man-made lagoon I sit by
run placidly

My thumb runs swiftly
through keys of letters
on my Nokia,
in an attempt to record this
moment before the inspiration runs
---and leaves my mind idle.

Go away no more,
O, sweet inspiration!
Stay with me so I may escape
the wicked, uncompromising reality
that never
out of energy
or reason
to haunt me,
no matter how I try
to break away.
No matter how I try to
run away.