Friday, November 30, 2007


Hours after I sent out the email to my friends, I got a call from Steve and he asked me whether I wanted to talk about it. I said neither yes nor no. There was nothing I didn't want to talk about. I just didn't see anything to talk about.

After dinner, Dan, sitting by the dining table said to me while I was in the kitchen, "Nabasa ko na yung email. [I read your email already.]" He wasn't stating a fact. He was waiting for a story. I didn't say anything.

Later on, my phone rang. The number was unregistered in my phonebook, but I sure knew who it was. I picked up my phone and pressed Silence. Then I got his voicemail and his message on msn. I chose to ignore. Not because I was trying to be mean or anything. I just didn't know what to say.

As I was going through the blogs in my links, I got a message from Verna on MSN.

Verna says (1:42 AM): i have read your email. how are you feeling right now? will reply to it maybe by tomorrow.
Rye says (1:42 AM): wala.
Rye says (1:43 AM): i'm devoid of any feeling right now e

That's it. That says everything right now. Devoid. Empty. Neither sad nor happy. Neither imprisoned nor free. Neither satisfied nor regretful. Just wanting some sleep.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bedtime Thoughts

Long day.

11:15am call time, 10:30pm last show

Warm-up class

two performances


Christmas Cabaret auditions

some not-so-good news from Manila

It feels like it's been forever since I was last this busy. It feels almost new to me. I'm glad I'm more spiritually- and emotionally-stable, wiser with how I work with my body, and less temperamental now than before that I am able to cope very well.


One would think that for people who earn a living by performing, like me, auditions would be a piece of cake. Not true. I've been auditioning my whole life and it hasn't gotten any easier, no matter how big or small the part is, no matter how big or small the production is.

Tonight, I auditioned for the Christmas Cabaret, an internal Christmas show for our department. Two numbers: a corps neo-classical piece and a contemporary pas de deux. Jitters, jitters, jitters! But they were the good kind. They kept me on my toes and pushed me to perform better. And for the first time, since day one of the pas de deux's choreographic process, I was able to do the overhead dead-weight lift that opens the piece. It's all over now. They passed by so quickly I barely had time to really enjoy the numbers. We're now just waiting for their judgement. Do we get to show them off or not?

Me, As A Dancer

Yesterday, while rehearsing the corps neo-classical piece I am cast in, my partner, Terasa (an Aussie girl, formerly principal dancer of the HK Ballet) asked me after the penchee promenade if I was comfortable doing it. I honestly told her I was scared. Hello! The girl was en pointe, on a vertical split and I was turning her around. I had all the reasons to be scared! She rubbed my chest and assured me I was dong fine. After the second time we did it, she said, "Rye, that was perfect. I was centered the whole bit."

this is penchee. imagine me standing beside her, hip-to-hip, holding her by her arms and going around her as if the toes she is standing on is the pivotal point by which I bring myself and her whole body around. that is penchee promenade.

Today, before I and my partner were called to the audition room for the pas de deux, I said to Verna (my wife, a seasoned dancer, and then- principal of the CCP Dance School and soloist of Ballte Philippines), "I'm not really sure I can do this."

"Why?", she asked me.

"This is a principal dancer's piece. Di ako principal dancer. [I am not a pricipal dancer.] Never was. Never will be."

"Anukaba! Isipin mo, recital lang. [Just think of it as a recital]", she said encouragingly.

"Kahit recital, pang-advanced students to. Intermediate lang ako. [But even for a recital, this pice would be for advanced students. I'm just intermediate.]"

"Professional ka [You're a professional]", she punctuated our conversation.

Coming home tonight, I felt silly. These were the kind of roles I dreamt of doing when I was with Ballet Philippines 4 years ago, but was never given the chance to do. This time, I was personally hand-picked by the choreographers themselves to do them because they think I'm fit for the role. And I am doubting myself? Where is that coming from, that fear?

Lion King

I grunted when I first heard that I was part of the cast hat would have to stay until midnight tonight to do a special buy-out show for a major cosmetics line.

The show was slated at 11pm, but fortunately, we started thirty minutes earlier. Even then, I was cranky that I had to stay that long and do that show.

When the curtain opened, we were greeted with a thunderous applause from the audience --- something so poignant that I've never heard for so long. I smiled wholeheartedly. Because right then and there, I felt the high that made me remember why I decided I was gonna be a performer.


As soon as I got out of work, I received an sms from Cielo, La Remi's bestfriend: "Hi Rye! Just informing you that your mom is in the hospital because of hypertension. She's in better condition but we decided to let her stay so she can rest. Your prayers can make her even better. Be well."

I was worried. Instant reaction. I am not anymore. I know she'll be fine and kicking like a horse by tomorrow. I just know.


When I felt the first panicky heartbeat in my system, the first person I wanted to call was Mai, my brother in Dubai. But I thought he'd get more panicky so I decided to call Ricky and have him check on Remi. We picked up and I told him the sms I got.

Thirty minutes later, he asked me to call him. He said everything was under control and that he would call Cielo again tomorrow morning. He promised to keep me posted.

Just before we hung up, he said he hit a post in the parking area of SM Megamall, while driving out of it. He was totally fine but the damage in the passenger's side was huge. I reminded him to be careful of his driving. There's too much stress landing on his lap right now and I told him that I hope that Remi's condition didn't add to it.

He sms'ed me when he got home and I replied: "Good night! Rest well and thank you sooo much for still being family."

In less than two months, we will be commemorating our first year of being separated.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Night

It's Thanksgiving Day.

While other people are gathered with friends and family around the dining table, feasting on sumptuous dishes and that slow-roasted turkey, piling up everything they could in their plates, I am by myself lamenting on my excessively full plate. There's just too much in it right now --- work issues, frustration on people, lovelife drama, finances... Name it, I have it in my plate.

I slept last night with the aid of a pill. That was the only way I could doze off despite the heaviness of my heart and the aberration of my mind. But although it seemed to have worked, it didn't completely overpower the emotional and mental battles I was trying to put off till the morning. I would wake up every hour and my mind would still be running. It was like a never-ending movie that I flaked out on, and forgot to pause. And I'd find still running everytime I open my eyes.

This morning, I woke up way before my alarm went off. I was feeling forlorn. And my mind, like the never-ending movie, was still running like crazy. I got to work and, despite my efforts to put on a happy face, people around me felt something was wrong. A lot of them asked. But it was Thanksgiving and I didn't want to poop on anybody's Thanksgiving spirit. A couple of times, I was aksed whether I was coming to Thanksgiving dinner tonight. I made up excuses. Lots of them. Truth is, I just wasn't in a thanksgiving mood today. I thought there was a lot of resolving to do first before giving thanks. At some point, I asked myself, "What's there to be thankful for?" And as soon as I did, I felt ashamed of myself. It is so not me to dwell in pain, just for the sake of dwelling in pain. The Ryan that I know of, sees the good in any kind of adversity. ANY. Even when everybody else's hopes have failed. The Ryan that I know of is strong and resilient enough to face any scourge and come out a better, wiser, more loving person. The Ryan that I know of knows that every grief, like all else in this world, shall pass; but the lessons he has learned from them will forever be his guiding force.

And this, in itself is big enough to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Some more thanks:
  • Verna (my wife) and Miro - for not giving up on convincing me to go out with them tonight so I can unwind.
  • Rush - my new favorite straight guy; for his unexpected offer to listen
  • Belle - for being my impromptu shock absorber
  • Jesse - for still caring, after all that's been said and done.
  • Adi - for his messages on that never fail to make me smile (and blush.)
  • Kuya Law - for offering a listening ear and a prayer

Good Night, Compromise!

I still believe that in ANY kind of human relationship, compromise is be the most important component to make it work. I don't believe in the "this is me, you've got to accept me for what I am" principle. Of course, it would be preposterous to ask somebody to change for you --- to conform to your values and fit your prototype of a friend. Or parent. Or sibling. Or significant other. Or whatever. And it would be equally ridiculous to overhaul yourself to be accepted by other people.

We all have different values. And moods. And quirks. That's a given. Blame it on upbringing, or education, or ethnic background, or astrology. The only way to reconcile these differences is by compromising. Every human relationship grows upon that foundation.

So.. how does one deal when the other party seems to be refusing to compromise? When he feels that it's unfair that the other person isn't putting as much energy to make their association work? How?

I say, blog it out and sleep on it. And hope that tomorrow, things will be better.

Good night, Hong Kong!


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Something To Ponder On

photo credit: Entheos

Rainbow Connection
written by Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher
originally performed by Kermit the Frog in The Muppet Movie in 1979

Why are there so many songs about rainbows
and what's on the other side?
Rainbows are visions, but only illusions,
and rainbows have nothing to hide.
So we've been told and some choose to believe it.
I know they're wrong, wait and see.
Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection.
The lovers, the dreamers and me.

Who said that every wish would be heard
and answered when wished on the morning star?
Somebody thought of that and someone believed it.
Look what it's done so far.
What's so amazing that keeps us star gazing
and what do we think we might see?
Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection.
The lovers, the dreamers and me.

All of us under its spell.
We know that it's probably magic.
Have you been half asleep and have you heard voices?
I've heard them calling my name.
Is this the sweet sound that called the young sailors.
The voice might be one and the same.
I've heard it too many times to ignore it.
It's something that I'm supposed to be.
Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection.
The lovers, the dreamers and me.

Bonne Vacance (Podcasting In Manila)


The Dan & Rye Show Pinas Podcast/ Grand EB

  • June 29 2007
  • 8pm
  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Bonifacio High Street

With Joel McVie, the ever-reliable (more proof on his reliability on the next parts of the Bonne Vacance series) TD&RS friend-slash-future-EP, in his car on the way to Bonifacio High Street

With Dan's sponsors, our good friends Gilbert, DJ Toy Armada of Bed, and hairstylist extraordinaire Ney

With Baklang AJ, Tony (I felt being haunted by HK everytime I looked at hi. But he was cute, nonetheless), Chris and Gibbs. The troikasters would've been complete had the mysterious Migs decided to join.

Smiles of Relief. After our pinaka-nakaka-conscious na pagpo-podcast ever! Joel thinks it was an exercise to prepare us for TV. Hello! Online advertisers nga wala pa kami noh!

The people who made that evening a very special one for us. Certified kasuys! (ang cheap nung "certified") Sayang... Philip, who suggested Bonifacio High Street to be the venue couldn't make it. Many, many thanks to all of you!

Our most heartfelt gratitude to Joel McVie for organizing this gathering and for picking up our bill! Hehehe!

And while we're at it, here is Part 3 of the Pinas Podcast:

...will be continued.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Winter Na!

S2 Ep18 "Winter Na!" of TD& RS, Out Now!

In the tradition of the "Summer Na!" ep of Season 1, dan and rye bring you their welcome to winter episode.

Plus very, very special announcements towards the end of the show.

Don’t forget to email us your comments, shout-outs, suggestions, etc. You can now leave your comments in our page too! and also, please join our yahoo group.

Enjoy the show, mga kasuy!


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Accidental Lesson On Frankness

One of the things my friends love about me is my courage to speak my mind and deliver cold facts the way they are and not the way they want them to hear. I can be brutally frank when the need to be arises. I can give it hard and strong when I'm asked for it, and I make no excuses. The underlying principle being, I want my friends to be harshly honest to me as well.

Yesterday at lunch, I overheard my friends from work talking about some family matters. One of them, wanting to vent, opened up to the group an sms that he received in the morning that made him upset. And of course, when one opens up a predicament to a group of highly-opiniated and loquacious people, he consequently opens himself up to a plethora of thoughts and sentiments --- some useful, others just an utter waste of time.

What caught my attention was how our friend, Julie, before delivering her piece, said "I know this is mean, but come to think of it..."

Come to think of it, brutal frakness and harsh honesty are good when they serve their purpose (which often do, so long as the recipient has a broad understanding and mature sensibility); but given the proper prologue, it can be less painful --- less harsh and less brutal, without diminishing its meaning. It's like having your dentist tell you before he extracts that rotting molar, "This will hurt. But it will do you good." He prepares you for the pain. Then it doesn't hurt as much as you'd expected it to.

Simon Cowell, the lord of brutal frakness

And come to think of it, I never did that. I was never that considerate dentist. Come to think of it even further, I never really considered until now that brutal isn't the only adjective apt to modify frankness.

Come to think of it, I came to think of it.


Friday, November 16, 2007

This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made start my diet.

I'm still carrying all that fat, sodium and extra carbs from my trip back home. I have 7 days to lose all that. I can do it. I could lose all the extra pounds I wanted to lose in 3 days, back when I was still dancing with Ballte Philippines. 7 days = piece of cake.

Today, the 7-day diet program begins.

Bonne Vacances (Manila Part1)


October 26 07.

As soon as I got my luggage from the antiquated carousel, I received an sms from Ricky saying he was gonna be a few minutes late because he got stuck in traffic at The Fort area. I quite expected that. It was a Sunday and I was in Manila. So I excused myself from Rems and decided to move to a less crowded place to have a ciggy. There were no No Smoking signs around and people there were a few men in sight smoking. I thought it was ok. Towards my last three puffs, I saw a security person and politley asked, "Manong, san pwede magtapon nito (Sir, where can I throw this)?" referring to my cigarette butt.

"Dyan. (Right there.)" He pointed to the ground.

It made me smile. Haaaaaaaaaaay! Manila! With the utmost conviction and the biggest smile, I dropped the cigarette butt to the ground. I was home.

Few minutes later, Ricky arrived. It felt a little bit odd that he and my mom were having more conversation in the car than he and I. It felt wonderful that they were able to preserve the admirable in-law relationship I had always wanted them to have, despite the break-up. Along EDSA, Ricky instructed Rems to reach for a paper bag that was hidden under the backseat.

"San ko to ilalagay (Where will I put this)?", Rems asked.

"Buksan mo. Para sa yo yan. (Open it. It's for you.)"

Rems obliged gigglingly. It was a box that contained a 6-inch Buddha icon, a book on Buddhism, and some incense sticks. She was ecstatic when she thanked Ricky. Ricky only replied with a smile that beamed with contentment.

The drive to Cubao from the Domestic Airport wasn't as exhausting as I had expected. When we got there, I just dropped off my luggage, said my hellos to my cousins and to my Siamese cat, Petipa, and started heading to Tita Mike & Tito Augie's cozy antique- and wooden furniture-adorned apartment for the homecoming dinner that they threw for me.


Quarter to 8, Ricky and I were by their gate, buzzing them when Tito Eric (Ex Ed-in-Chief of FHM, Pump and Maxim, and is currently working on the Philippine franchise of an international magazine) arrived with a box of kakanin for dessert.

Tito Augie (Palanca Awardee and one of QTV's most in-demand writers) opened the gate and greeted me with a very warm "Kumusta? (How are you?)" I replied with a one-liner and ran to the house to see Tita Mike ( Caronia's Marketing Direcor, who is responsible for its new brand image). Tita Mike's gentle voice (that I always thought never matched her wicked humor) almost shrieked when she saw me as I entered the kitchen where she was making her specialty: Kalderetang Tisay. I never left the dining table after our besos. I sat there, salivating, impatiently waiting for the rest of the group to arrive. Few minutes later, Tito Chito (probably QTV's busiest Segment Producer) arrived, followed by Tito Elmer (playwright and Tito Augie's QTV sparring partner). A few sighs of impatience later, Tita Mike laid on the table a bowl or Portebello mushrooms --- the last addition to the evening's menu and dinner began.

Later on, Tito Blaise (ex Ed-in-Chief of Star Studio magazine, currently finishing his M.A.) arrived with a gallon of caramel ice cream. I joined him at the dining table where we talked about my career goals and my life in HK. Just as he was about to finish eating, Tita Ge (stage-slash-soap opera actress-slash-stage manager-slash accounts executive-slash-kumare-slash-slash) arrived from an event with two other good friends Mira and Cara (stage managers extraordinaire-slash-drinking buddies) and Cara's uber charming kid, Dex.

It was an evening filled with good (good is such an understatement) food, corpulent laughters, witty remarks, intelligent discussions, hilarious anecdotes, stories of disturbing curses, and lots of catching up. None of them ever asked about the Ricky and me story.

I was in that apartment for more than 4 hours with successful, intelligent people who cared not the slightest about my politics (or the lack thereof) --- people who had strong opinions to say but never were too busy talking to listen to mine. They are Ricky's friends --- the people whom I've come to love as my own friends and who have accepted me as one of theirs, no matter what has become of Ricky and me. It felt tremendously good to be with them once again.

I was home.

At around 1am, the party was over.

Sitting at the passenger's seat, I was asked by Ricky what I wanted to do. Where I wanted to go. I was too shy to say "Take me home." And I didn't have the heart to lie and say "Bring me home."

"Nagdala kang gamit? (Did you bring any of your stuff?)", he asked.

"Hindi. (No.)"

Then he started driving towards the direction of Rems' place in Murphy. The heavy rain poured down all of a sudden. In my head, I was thinking with all my might how I could manipulate him into inviting me to sleep over in Monte Vista. We were two blocks away from Remi's and there was nothing I could think of.

He stopped in front of Remi's gate and asked whether I brought the keys. I didn't. I took out my mobile and started calling Rems so that she could open the gate for me. I hadn't gotten off the car because the rain was heavy. I was counting the rings. Five rings and I would hang up. That would already be an excuse to sleep over. But Rems picked up on the fourth. "Nandito na ko, ma. Pabukas ng pintuan. (I'm here already, mom. Please open the door.)"

"Anong gagawin mo bukas? (What are you doing tomorrow?)" he asked.

"Wala. Yung podcast lang sa gabi. (Nothing. We only have the podcast planned in the evening.)", I said still hoping for an invitation.

That's how it all started almost three years ago. It was around 2am, we
just left a bar in Timog and he was driving me home. Somewhere along C5, he
asked, "Mag-mo-morning show ka bukas? (Are you doing a show tomorrow

"Hindi. (No.)", I answered excitedly.

He unfastened his seatbelt and reached for me on the passenger's side.
He kissed me. I reciprocated. Then he pulled back and made a u-turn.

After a moment of waiting, and hoping, he said "Bye. Good night."

I said my goodbye without turning to look at him. I was afraid it might be difficult to resist kissing him.

...will be continued.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

uBlog, iVlog Entry of TD&RS, Out Now!

Yes! In-attempt naming sumali sa uBlog, iVlog na pa-contest ni Coy and we made it to the deadline.

Listen up, mga kasuy!
Do visit Coy's site too for more insights on vlogging.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Wanna Be Filthy Rich

"...Winfrey, whose media empire includes a magazine and stakes in syndicated daytime talk shows by Dr. Phil McGraw and Rachael Ray, earned an estimated $260 million between June 2006 and June 2007."

-- Access Hollywood,on Oprah being the richest celebrity on TV

I wanna be filthy rich! I wanna be rich enough to help the less-fortunate. I want to shower my family and friends with gifts. I want a summer house in the Bahamas, an English manor house in London, and estates all over Europe and America.

I called Steve, a good friend of mine who took on the responsibility to be my financial planner effective next payday, to tell him my new financial goal. I was oh-so-excited! 6 billion in 8 years.

He asked whether I was on drugs. Hell to the no, I wasn't. I was serious.

Utilizing the utmost patience he could muster, he said matter-of-factly, "Friend, we have to margin your expectations." Then, he asked quizzically, "What are your expectations?"

Matter-of-factly too, I replied, "6 Billion dollars on my 35th birthday."

He said he needed to got to sleep.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What This Boy Wants (Again.)

I was almost tempted to say, "Read my blog, and you'll know why", when I was asked on Friday night why I won't even consider dating again. But I didn't. Instead, I just smiled and said (very politely), "I don't have to answer that."

Later that night, on the bus home, I started to contemplate whether the reason I still am not out in the dating pool, still IS the reason, or not. It could be possible that there are other factors now that influence my "not being there". I realized it still is. (See, I am adamant about it. Hence, the many "still"'s in this paragraph.)

Tonight, though, one thing has changed. And it is a conscious choice. From here on, I am breaking the wall and starting to consider. Consider, being the operative word. I am now open, but still not on the look out.

BUT.. there's one condition. He must have this on our first date ---

Absolut Disco
for the dancer, the partyphile, and the social vodka drinker* that I am

--- and will let me keep it. Untouched.

*social vodka drinker = not tantamount to alcoholic

Monday, November 12, 2007

Day Off Recap - EDITED

Day Off Tasks

  • Pedicure -accomplished!

Rye: Pwede kayang magpa-transplant ng kuko sa paa?

Dan: Uhmmm...

Rye: Kung pwede, pwede bang ikaw ang maging toenail donor ko?

Dan: (apologetic) Rye, sakto lang kasi yung kuko ko para sa sarili ko. Sabihin ko sa yo pag may extra na ko ha?

  • Finish Belle's Don Q fan - accomplished!
  • Organize bedroom - partially accomplished.. will vacuum later tonight, before shower
  • Change sheets and pillow cases - accomplished! from red, white and brown to blue and white. Even the rug has been changed.

  • Catch up on blogs I haven't been reading much - partially accomplished
  • Update blogroll - will do before turning in
  • Store summer wardrobe and bring out winter clothes - will do on my next days off
  • upload Pinas podcast - DONE!
  • Plant Marigold seedlings and wood stain picture frames - done!

Lee : Inay, ang sipag mo naman.

Rye: Kailangan mo tong matutunan, anak. Homemaking. Para pag nag asawa ka, matuwa sya sa yo. Uuwi sya ng bahay, pagod na pagod sa trabaho. Pero pag nakita nyang maganda at maayos ang bahay, mawawala ang pagod nya. At iri-rim ka nya bago matulog.

  • clean kitchen - partially accomplished
  • clean bathroom - will do before Mamu comes back from Manila
  • Get hammered without having to spend too much - D-O-N-E!

Rye: Wala na yata tayong alak.

Nelson: Ayan, singhutin na lang natin yang rugby!

Chris: E ito kaya? (puts 3 bottles of Caronia Nail Polish on the table)

  • Put finances in order - uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Rabbi (via sms): Punyeta! Ano nang nangyari sa financial planning niyo ni Steve?"


As promised, here are Parts 1 & 2 of the Pinas Podcast of The Dan & Rye Show:

part 1

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part 2

Powered by

They Called Us "The Swarovskis"

They called us "The Swarovskis". Four young, energetic, fun-loving friends who stood by one another no matter what joy or misery life brings. Four friends. Four of us.

The one thing I love about my boys is that they allow me to be. They often disapprove of the many choices I do. But they still allow me to be. Sans judgement, sans ridicule.

How could life get any better, knowing I have these boys who trust and believe in me and will stand by me NO MATTER WHAT?

I love you Chris, Julius and Dan!

I really do.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Pinas Podcast of The Dan & Rye Show Is Out Now!

The much-awaited, 2 weeks in-the-making Pinas Podcast is finally out!

...but downloading it is a little bit tricky. All you have to do is listen and follow our instructions.

Don't forget to send us your comments, etc. through Or leave your comments on our mypodcast page.

We're sorry, we're late. We still love you all anyway!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Catching Up

sms exchange

Boy A : Hey you! How've u been?

Boy B : Been really great. How have you been? Maybe we should catch up.

Boy A : Yeah, we should. Tonight?

Boy B : Sure. Where are you?

Boy A : About to go home from dinner with friends. Meet up at Volume or come over to my place --- you pick.

Boy B : Let me know when you're home. And get the drinks ready. Expect me in less than 10 minutes after sending me the sms.

Later that night.. Boy A's apartment.

Boy B : So this is the part of the night when I ask you whether you need to throw me out or you want me to take a shower and get ready for bed.

Boy A : Well, I have to work tomorrow. What do you wanna do anyway?

Boy B : I just wanna fuck.

Boy A : Wow! That was direct.

Boy B : Isn't this the part of the night where direct questions are given direct answers?

Boy A : Ok. Give me a second. I'll get the lube.

And they fucked.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Claim To Fame

This is the limited edition Philippine flag-inspired track jacket by Adidas.

A friend of mine, Marah (a shopaholic by birth), placed her order in Manila last week and is already in the waiting list. She expects her jacket to be shipped to HK late December.

Another friend of mine, Nelson (a fashionista), got his last month from an Adidas store in Singapore. It was the last piece.

One of my flatmates, Mamu, watched the Black Eyed Peas concert at the Venetia in Macau. He said the Pinoy guy from the group wore the same jacket.

A good friend, Steve, found it in Germany and wanted to buy one to give me as a belated birthday gift. The store didn't have it in my size. He ordered from the Adidas factory and had it shipped to the Philippines. Three nights ago, he came back to HK from a week-long vacation in Bohol and Manila, bringing with him MY jacket.

I wore it to and at work today.

People were jealous. A lot of them.

Thanks, Steve! I loooooooooove it. And the attention it caused.


I haven't even gotten over the ecstasy that my nomination on Pinoy Blog Superstar brought about, and here comes another one.

Another honor. Another surprise to smile about.

Can't You Read? has been chosen to be one of the finalists in this month's G*Spot Weblog Award, alongside big, big names in the blogging world.

I would've wanted to say something witty or preponderant about this nomination, but I'm just lost for words.

Allow me to just thank Khalel and the reviewers for including me in the list. I am immensely flattered.

And to my dear readers, please vote for me. I have been a good child of the universe and a law-abiding citizen. I deserve good karma.

I love you all.

To vote (for me, of course), follow Khalel's Hush and Listen blog here, scroll down and find the tickboxes on the lower right section of the page. You don't have to be a blog author to be qualified to vote.

S2 Ep16 Prelude to the Pilipinas Podcast

S2 Ep16 Prelude to the Pilipinas Podcast, of TD&RS Out Now!

Mga kasuy, please listen. We have a story to tell.

Also, please vote for Rye at the following blog awards.

(1) G*Spot Weblog Awards. Click on this link:, scroll down the page to find the tickboxes on the lower right column and vote for "Can't You Read?". You don't need to be a blog author to vote.

(2) Pinoy Blog Superstar.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bonne Vacance (Boracay)

on the boat to Boracay Island

sunset view at MaƱana

seafood buffet started as soon as Remi arrived

Rems to Rye: "Hanggang Boracay, nagbo-blog ka?"
Rye to self (5 minutes later): "Ang labo ng nanay ko!"

thank God it wasn't raining on our first night. Evi took off his shirt after 3 500ml bottles of Red Horse

Chinese brunch with leggy Rems

anyone who knows my mom would know what she was doing when this pic was taken. Is it just my mom or do all moms have a natural fascination for loose beach stones and shells?

Rems: "Which foot is dirtier, the right or the left?"

6 hours pre-tattoo. After this pic was taken, Rems asked me why gay guys feel the NEED to always be in skimpy trunks whenever they are somewhere near a body of water --- natural or man-made.

there was nothing left for the cats. nothing.

the tattoo stencil.
Love. Wisdom. Courage.
tattoo #3
four-leaf clover
tattoo #4
Lawlaw, moi, Cathy & Evi at the same place where Rems & I had breakfast. Come happy hour, their dining tables evaporate miraculously and these Japanese tables pop out from the floor. The same japanese tables become dining tables when nobody's watching after the resto/bar closes at 3 and evaporate again the following day.
new-found friends Diana & Hope. Really, really cool girls. Met them through Rems. Oh yes, the gossip is true. Rems is the Miss Congeniality Awardee of the Century.

Rems in meditation. She was actually meditating. No, she wasn't pretending.

rems feeling it.

Rems is beaming with joy because Rye gained an extra 3 pounds in Cebu and Boracay.
Rems bidding Aklan goodbye. Off to Manila!!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

3pm Lunch

Lawrence: Bakit ba kasi hindi pa?

Chris: Kasi nga, diba, sabi sa Sex & the City, ang dating parang paghahanap ng sapatos. If the shoe fits, wear it. Pag hin...

Rye: Tse! The shoe fits. Kaya lang leather shoes ang sinusukat mo. Pero in reality, ang hinahanap mo Chuck Taylor.

Monday, November 05, 2007

The Halloween Ball 2007

poster layout by me; photo credit: jojo mamangun

The Annual Halloween Ball is probably the most awaited event amongst our colleagues here in HK. First, because it's the only annual event where friends from different departments come together in one big party; second, because it's the only time of the year where everybody has an excuse to live their fantasies; and third, because it just keeps getting better every year.

In 2005, the first time we had such, everybody just came as someone. Or something. It didn't matter how simple or elaborate the costumes (or the make-ups) were. As long as one came in costume, he was in. Dan, Chris and I didn't get to discuss, even in passing, what to wear. Somehow, we found ourselves about an hour before midnight dressed as whores --- all three of us --- in different characters and personas. Dan was the sweet whore. If he were to do a number that night, the most apt for him would be "I'm seventeen and I'm new here today..." from Miss Saigon. Chris was classy; the type that only hotel magnates and business tycoons could afford. His song would be Madonna's "Material Girl". I was a hard sell --- very in-your-face and a little bit campy. The type who would give head in exchange of a pack of Marlboro reds. My song would be "I Work Hard For The Money". At one point, all three of us were pushed to the middle of the bar, posing for more than half an hour for the cameras. That's when we knew people were gonna expect something from us in the coming years.

i was skinny enough to fit in a woman's lingerie bought off-the-rack

i was told to put on my trousers because the red girl panty i was wearing was too scandalous

In 2006, we heard that the gorgeous muscle men from the other show were coming in drag. Most of them were caucasians --- they had gorgeous noses, amazing facial structure, and soft features. They'd be really beautiful women. Those of them who weren't caucasians were gorgeous, nonetheless. What's worse (for us): they were straight. They'd sell more. So we thought there was no better way to compete than to compete as a triumvirate with a concept. It didn't matter how profound or lame the concept was. We were pressed for time. We just had to have a concept that people will dig without having to think hard. That gave birth to the Filipinas Airlines --- Malena, Raymunda and Viveca --- in full gear, complete with pins and suitcases.

This year, we were expecting a bigger attendance since the Parade team decided not to have their own Halloween celebration and merge with us, like in 2005. As early as the third week of September, people were starting to ask me where and when exactly the party would be. We hadn't really closed a deal then but we were already telling people it would be either on October 31st, or November 1st; just to assure them that there would indeed be one. People were excited. Everybody was already talking about what to come as, when at that time, the hot flyer that was circulating was for my birthday party. People who never participated in the past were already having their costumes made and the rest were already starting to shop around for accessories and make up. Dan and I were scheduled leave for the Philippines on October 24th to attend Jing's wedding in Cebu, and weren't gonna be back until the 30th (Dan extended his vacation to the 31st). October 22rd, we still hadn't decided which of our 3 options was the best choice. There was only one thing we knew for sure: this year was gonna be all about flamboyance. The straight boys, led by Ralion Alonzo and styled by Desiree Guico-Alonzo, were gonna come as the Spartans from 300 while their girlfriends were gonna dress as greek goddesses. The caucasian muscle boys would be greek gods in tiny pieces of clothing that would reveal their mouth-watering bulges and cuts. Five of our fag friends grouped together to come as Earth, Fire, Water, Air and the Fifth Element. Our other friends who decided to come in drag were coming in drag with brilliant concepts. There were gonna be impersonations, parodies, angels and demons (of course), cartoon characters, and funny, sexy & whimsical themes. Wigs, feather boas, ostrich feathers, sequins, falsies, leather, tulle, satin, face paint, prosthetics, and almost every imaginable bling bling and accoutrements that was available in the market. Everybody was just willing to give extra effort (and money) to participate in the revelry. And there wasn't even an award for the best costume.

yes, i said prosthetics

one of them muscle men

the spartans on the train to the party caused quite a stir

hoku was dashing, dressed as goku but was sumptuous after taking off the shirt later in the evening, leaving only the yellow anime wig; car would've been perfect in her tutu if she only did away with the ballroom dancer projection; pui yi was very glamorous as nina wang

foxy brittany dressed as a belly dancer and greg, another one of them muscle men

(l-r) the BEAUTIFUL Elements: Benjie (air), Gil (water), Josh (fire), Rowell (the Fifth Element), Amon (earth)

uh-huh! prosthetics
Flying out of HK on the evening of the 23rd without coming to a final decision, we left Chris the burden of deciding for us, canvassing, shopping, designing and making the costumes.

Dan and I came back to HK from the Philippines days later, each with a sad story to tell, not quite feeling the party vibe. But seeing the final output of Chris's project just made us itch to get to Lan Kwai Fong the soonest we could on the night of the party. We both agreed that it was a smart decision to leave Chris to take charge.

uhmm... did i say flamboyance was the name of the game?

Rye: "Dan, ang lamig!"
Dan: "Oo nga, nakalimutan nating simula na ng winter."

Belle decided to cover her 6-pack abs and came as Nacho Libre

The Best Disguise Award goes to RM

It was 2am. Rye has decided to remove his 3-ton headdress that injured 148 people and killed 19. He took a moment to reflect on what has happened to his life. And the only thing he had the courage and strength to say was: "San Miguel, look what you've done to my tummy."