Saturday, November 03, 2007

You Can Read

I never really realized how much a part I already am of the blogging world until I saw Empress Maruja's message on my cbox tonight.

My very-popular-blogger-friend-slash-college-theater-guild-batchmate is starting his own monthly blog awards which he billed as "Pinoy Blog Superstar".

And in its maiden voyage, Can't You Read has been chosen as one of the nominees.

It brings me (walang kiyeme) so much pride to be nominated alongside my blogging idols like Misterhubs and Mandaya Moore-Orlis --- two of the very few bloggers that inspire me to be dedicated to my blog and at the same time, make me feel insecure about it as well. Sometimes lang naman. And it's the positive kind of insecurity --- that which propels one to strive to be better at what he does.

The nomination in itself is an honor. But I'd be happier if I bag the award. So vote for me. I know my fellow contenders are better writers, funnier, and more opiniated than I am. But this is my first time, so please... ipagpaubaya nyo na sa kin ang beginner's luck!

(Dan, ito ba yung tinatawag mong "appeal to pity"?)

Again, thank you, Empresss Maruja for this. And thanks also to my few readers who never get tired of reading the not-so-very-extraordinary life that I have and blog about.

I love you all!

To vote, leave a comment on Empress Maruja's site.

P.S. While you're voting, allow me to dedicate this song to my best kasuy, Dan..

"And it's not just wishful thinking,
or only me who's dreaming
I know what these are symptoms of
We could be in love"