Friday, November 02, 2007

Taking A Break From The Vacance

Tonight, I'm postponing part 4 of the Bonne Vacances Series so I may write about the special evening I just had.


The one thing I don't like about myself is that I'm too lazy to probe discreetly, I often end up asking the most obvious questions.

Call me stubborn. Or impatient. But that's just the way I am most of the time.

Few hours back, I got to see again (after almost two months) that really nice (and sexy and smart) German guy that I have mentioned more than once in my previous entries. I was in the area of his abode to watch the Alvin Ailey show. The previous night, we had agreed to meet up for dinner or drinks after the dance concert. So I called him tonight as soon as I got out of the theater, and was instructed to go and wait for him at Exit B2 of the Wan Chai MTR.

He got there a little over 3 minutes after I did. He had the familiar smile on his face. He was slightly muscular compared to the last time I saw him. And still very, very charming. I felt the same sensation I always did whenever I would see him. He was, and still is, to me, a breath of fresh air. His childish playfulness and zest for life is contagious; and his rational maturity is simply inspiring. Best of all, he is totally drama-free and is very, very honest.

He fondly refers to me as his "stalker", which I find very endearing. That gives me the right to follow him wherever he goes. But of course, with every right, comes great responsibility. In effect, that same title drew the line to a few important things.

He hadn't even said anything more than "hey" when I suddenly hugged him to express the joy that I felt when I saw him tonight. I hope he didn't find it weird. Well, he would've told me if he did. As soon as I let go of him, we started heading to his newly-discovered bar on Star Street. It was cute and cozy. It was conversation-friendly, and smoking was allowed!

After our orders have been placed, I asked the perfunctory question, "How have you been?", which commenced a 2-hour catching up, disrupted occassionally, only by our individual trips to the washroom and the moments when I'd get lost in space just by staring at his blue eyes.

Quarter past midnight, we decided to leave, which was great so that I could catch the last train home. He brought me around Star Street, a fast progressing commercial area, before starting for the train station. Halfway through, he asked me, "Have you been to the haunted house?" I told him I had no idea what he was talking about. Then he brought me there. To that freaky haunted house that he claimed, was the most famous of its kind in HK. I felt quite embarrased that he had to find out that way that I was scared of haunted houses and ghost stories. But he made no judgement. Just a little chuckle, which was cute enough to make me blush.

He brought me back to the train station that was our rendezvous earlier tonight> Before he turned to the other direction, he said, "See you tomorrow!" It made me smile.


Somewhere in the middle of our catching up, we started talking about the last time I partied with him and his friends. And I just had the itch to know whether he's read the blog entry I wrote about the night. But since I am stubborn and a little bit impatient, I asked him outright, "When was the last time you read my blog?" He laughed and said that just made him want to check tonight.

So, mien erosticher Deutscher Engel, if you're reading this now, allow me to thank you through this blog --- for tonight, for the many nights and Sundays in the past, and for being my breath of fresh air. You are very special to me.