Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bonne Vacance (Boracay)

on the boat to Boracay Island

sunset view at Mañana

seafood buffet started as soon as Remi arrived

Rems to Rye: "Hanggang Boracay, nagbo-blog ka?"
Rye to self (5 minutes later): "Ang labo ng nanay ko!"

thank God it wasn't raining on our first night. Evi took off his shirt after 3 500ml bottles of Red Horse

Chinese brunch with leggy Rems

anyone who knows my mom would know what she was doing when this pic was taken. Is it just my mom or do all moms have a natural fascination for loose beach stones and shells?

Rems: "Which foot is dirtier, the right or the left?"

6 hours pre-tattoo. After this pic was taken, Rems asked me why gay guys feel the NEED to always be in skimpy trunks whenever they are somewhere near a body of water --- natural or man-made.

there was nothing left for the cats. nothing.

the tattoo stencil.
Love. Wisdom. Courage.
tattoo #3
four-leaf clover
tattoo #4
Lawlaw, moi, Cathy & Evi at the same place where Rems & I had breakfast. Come happy hour, their dining tables evaporate miraculously and these Japanese tables pop out from the floor. The same japanese tables become dining tables when nobody's watching after the resto/bar closes at 3 and evaporate again the following day.
new-found friends Diana & Hope. Really, really cool girls. Met them through Rems. Oh yes, the gossip is true. Rems is the Miss Congeniality Awardee of the Century.

Rems in meditation. She was actually meditating. No, she wasn't pretending.

rems feeling it.

Rems is beaming with joy because Rye gained an extra 3 pounds in Cebu and Boracay.
Rems bidding Aklan goodbye. Off to Manila!!!