Thursday, November 22, 2007

Good Night, Compromise!

I still believe that in ANY kind of human relationship, compromise is be the most important component to make it work. I don't believe in the "this is me, you've got to accept me for what I am" principle. Of course, it would be preposterous to ask somebody to change for you --- to conform to your values and fit your prototype of a friend. Or parent. Or sibling. Or significant other. Or whatever. And it would be equally ridiculous to overhaul yourself to be accepted by other people.

We all have different values. And moods. And quirks. That's a given. Blame it on upbringing, or education, or ethnic background, or astrology. The only way to reconcile these differences is by compromising. Every human relationship grows upon that foundation.

So.. how does one deal when the other party seems to be refusing to compromise? When he feels that it's unfair that the other person isn't putting as much energy to make their association work? How?

I say, blog it out and sleep on it. And hope that tomorrow, things will be better.

Good night, Hong Kong!