Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Joel Says...

Remember our good friend, Joel McVie of the oh-so-famous blog, The McVie Show Season 6?

Well, if you don't, allow me to give you a little refresher.

He was the guy who introduced The Dan & Rye Show to the blogging world with his entries entitled "Shameless Plugging" and "Why You Must Listen TO THe Dan & Rye Show". If you are a regular listener of TD&RS, you would know that he also would be the sole recipient if we were giving out an award for the listener with most comments. And, he was the guy who created 6 out of our 8 OBBS (that's 7 out f 9, including the Wedding OBB that we're releasing next week). If you still don't remember, he was our guest in our over-dinner podcast in the early days of Season 2.

Ok, so this guy, Joel, has a very,very special announcement. Click here to read it.

"Sa ating mga kafatid sa pananampalataya, anufa ang wini-weyt-weyt ninyo diyan?! Click and listen na evur sa The Dan & Rye Show! Or else magiging straight kayo. Na pagong." - Joel McVie, 14 May 2007