Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Weekend Quotable Quotes

Good Friday

"Maybe you drugs. (hik!) I don't like you. I hate people who drugs because (hik!) I don't drugs. And I don't like going home with you (hik!) because you always use your hands and feet on me. It (hik!) hurts!"

-Overheard from a drunk Filipina, to a 40-ish-looking white man she was with while at some local bar in Panglao

Black Saturday

Rye: Miss, may yosi kayo?

Bargirl: Ha?

Rye: Yosi. May yosi kayo?

Bargirl: Ano yun?

Rye: Marlboro Reds?

Bargirl: Ahh! Hahahahahaha! (bursts into a boisterous laughter then walks away. She comes back after a while with a pack of Marlboro Reds) Sir, pasensya na kayo ha? Hindi kasi ako sanay na may umoorer ng "yosi". Laging either "segarets" or "yusi".

- Oops! Bar

Easter Sunday

"Sino'ng manager nyo?"

- some Cebuana girl, to Ryan and me while dancing with us.

Monday After Easter

Rye: Manong, di ka naman suplado diba?

teenage Manong: (smiles)

Rye: Makikipaglaro ka sa min ha?

teenage Manong: Oo ba! Pero dun na tayo maglaro sa (in crisp American accent) "fish sanctuary".

- before the boat trip


Most Useful Bisaya Word - palihug

"Day, palihug kong tubig." - may be used in a restaurant to ask a female server to get you water.

"Ma, palihug kong rice." - asking Mom to pass the rice.

"Dong, dong! Palihug kong uten mo." - very useful on rampa nights. Tried and tested. It works!