Monday, March 03, 2008

Photo Reflections

I was loading Pink Becky with my old (and new) photos and I was quite amused at how I have changed physically over the past couple of season changes here in HK.

I don't look young and fresh anymore. My hair is gradually receding; and it's starting to get a bit more difficult to keep myself in shape. I used to be able to muster enough energy to go straight to work from a ridiculous night out. I can't anymore. I no longer belong to the mid-20's age group.

I don't mind, though. I enjoyed my youth well and I will grow old happy and content, knowing that I didn't waste it idly. I laughed, loved and partied like a son of a bitch! And in the process of having fun, I have made some very enriching experiences and associations. And I still am. (Having fun and making some very enriching experiences and associations.)

pre-HK; the height of my career as a dancer ---
back in the day when i could munch on anything edible i set my eyes on
without having to worry about gaining a single pound.

summer of 2006---
i was dancing less and cooking more.
but i had Saturday & Friday nights devoted
to burning calories on the dancefloor;
Pui O Beach (photo by Mamangun)

January 2007---
3 months after I started
serious weight training and food supplements
(photo by Mamangun)

January 2008---
a year after the last photo was taken.
a year & 3 months of on-and-off
weight training and protein overdose
(photo by Mamangun; sponsored by Ayi)