Thursday, April 03, 2008

What Could Be More Ridiculous

...than a fag saying "I'm not gay. I'm a straight-tripper"?

A person texting: "Oh please. Discussions thru text are so lame. So lame. And i will end with that.", after involving himself in an sms-exchange that bounced back and forth 9 times. Nine. If he thought it was lame, how come 4 of those 9 messages came from him? How, in God's dear name did that happen?

Evasion? Is that what it's called? Or finding an easy way out? Or maybe double standards? Maybe that's it. Double standards. Almost like when he said "The world doesn't revolve around you and your standards." Can you believe that statement would come from the same person, take note: the same person that expected everyone whom he was on vacation with to adjust to his sudden tantrums and outbursts (in the plural) of obnoxiousness?

And yes, maybe he should end with that. Because the more he talks (or texts), whether as a statement or "a mere conversation with friends" (so friendly conversations aren't supposed to be taken seriously anymore? Anything we say in a conversation with friends should never be quoted?), the more he makes an inconsistent fool of himself.


Broadcast you want, broadcast I give you.

I play fair, y'know, in case you were too busy coming up with profound philosophies that, preposterously, you can not live up to, to notice.

When this whole thing starts to get in your nerve and you start feeling pissed off, remind yourself that you started it. Or at least ask someone to remind you. A friend. A real friend --- someone you really listen to. (Is there anyone at all that you listen to anyway? I doubt there is; because while the world doesn't revolve around me, you still think it revolves around you. How lucky can you get!)

I'm done pampering you. I'm so done stroking your fragile ego and your emotional immaturity that you hide under the guise of lambing.

And I'm done with this post. For now.

Good night!