Saturday, April 26, 2008

Something(s) To Smile About

At 8:23am, 7 minutes before my scheduled alarm today, I woke up feeling weak and miserable. The itch in my throat yesterday had developed into a flu over the course of my 5-hour sleep and the ascorbic acid I OD'ed on and the Nyquill didn't help at all. After several failed attempts to declog my nose, I called in sick; and braced myself for the fucked up day that was ahead of me.

They say it's when one of a person's senses becomes dysfunctional that his other senses becomes more perceptive. It's when he starts to notice other stimuli that he doesn't normally notice. But when one is afflicted with flu, all his senses become dysfunctional. Smelling, tasting, hearing, seeing, touching --- all these are affected. So are his moods and temper. But, according to Rems, when you put just a little bit of an effort to control your mood and your temper, you'll find out that it's when all your senses are dysfunctional that there's one more "sense" that becomes more perceptive of the little things. It is that which science has not yet named. It is that which touches your heart and makes you smile.


Jethro (via sms): "Rye, thank you! Pasensya na at medyo anti-social ako kanina... Magpahinga ka na at magpagaling ka. Wala naman talagang point itong message ko. I'm just happy to know that you are there... We don't need to speak, or say the sweetest things... Our friendship is beyond that, I just want you to be happy. Take care ate! I love you and good night!"


on MSN
2:45:02 PM

nelson: off ka pala...
Rye: call in, friend. :(
nelson: waaaaaaaaaaa... salamat pala sa gathering at food... enjoyed it
Rye: thanks for coming! nag enjoy din ako sobra...naramdaman ko na lang ung baradong ilong ko nung nag uwian na kayo


My doctor, as he was signing my sick leave certificate for today: "You're looking really good, Ryan. Looks like you've been seriously working out and keeping yourself healthy."


The salvia and marigold that I planted in November are now blooming.


More more more!

10 minutes ago, at around 7:50pm, Josh called and said he was at Taste. He asked if there was something I needed from the store. Apparently, he and another friend, Ayi, are coming over for dinner. And it doesn't maaterthat we're having the rechauffe kare-kare I made for last night's dinner. What matters is that they're coming. That means I don't have to spend my sickly Saturday night home alone.

Jethro called to check on me. Such a sweet guy, he is. No wonder people fall for him so quickly.

My anak-anakan, Ryan called to ask how many tank tops I want from Australia. His boyfriend is flying there in a few days and is getting me a dozen of those. Uhmmm!

Blessed. I am just so blessed!