Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Doctor, Doctor! I Am Sick!

Some 18 months ago.

Rye sees Dr. L for the first time, asking him for a referral letter so he could see a physiotherapist for his hip joint injury. While Dr. L writes the referral letter, Rye examines the room and sees a book that says: “The Life and Times of Oscar Wilde”

Rye: Have you read works of Oscar Wilde, doc?
Doc: Oh yes! Lots of them.
Rye: So you like his works, huh?
Doc: Very much. I find his life interesting too.
Rye: You mean, how he dealt with his sexuality in the time when homosexuality was taboo?

Dr. L gives Rye a grin.

A few months later.

Rye sees Dr. L again. This time, to consult him about the little pimples that develop in his legs. Rye is wearing a loose tank top and a pair of denim jeans.

Doc: Would you mind showing me the pimples, Rye?

Rye unbuttons his shorts and puts them down to reveal his legs. His tank top remains hanging freely so that his groin area is covered. Dr. L lifts his tank top and presses it against his chest. Rye starts to wonder whether he had said anything that made Dr. L think that the pimples have spread all the way up to his nipples.

A few days before Rye’s birthday in 2006.

Rye is unable to report to work because of migraine. He sees Dr. L to ask for a sick leave letter.

Doc: (while writing the letter) So, you have any plans for your birthday, Ryan?
Rye: I don’t know.. I’ll probably go clubbing with my friends.
Doc: You like clubbing? Where do you usually go?
Rye: Propaganda.
Doc: Oh really?! (Dr. L’s eyes begin to twinkle reminiscently.) I haven’t been there in ages. I wonder how it’s changed.

Sept. 21, 2006

Rye receives an SMS from Dr. L saying: “I wish you a happy birthday and good health. Always take care of yourself, birthday boy!”

1:30pm, today

Rye is sent home from work because of flu. He goes straight to Dr. L’s clinic for check-up. While Dr. L writes the prescription, Rye opens up another problem.

Rye: Doc, there’s one more thing. Do you remember the little zits I used to have in my legs? I think they’re developing in my pubic area now.
Doc: (stares at Rye for a second) Ok. Let me just write this then we’ll have a look. You can take off your pants now and lie on the examination bed.

Rye does as he is instructed. Then Dr. L approaches him shortly and starts to examine his groin, scrotum and the shaft of his penis. Dr. L continues to ask diagnostic questions as he “professionally” caresses Rye’s scrotum. Rye is ok with it. He feels comfortable and safe. He doesn’t feel violated or taken advantage of at all. Well, until he looks up to see Dr. L sweating like a madman. And it isn’t even remotely warm in the clinic.