Saturday, June 16, 2007

I Went Out On A Date

…with my most recent biggest crush.

At 8:00p.m., we met up at Times Square in Causeway Bay. Trying to not waste time, we started to look for a place to eat.

First stop: some posh Vietnamese restaurant. It was full and the waiting line was long. No.

Second stop: some cozy Chinese restaurant. I protested. No Chinese food, please!

Third stop: a cute, cozy and well-decorated Japanese restaurant. They offered an all-you-can-eat promo for $148. And their sake was only $68. per bottle. Not bad!

By 8:20, we were being seated.

8:30, he was translating the menu which was written in Chinese.

At 8:40, we started eating. As soon as I had my first sushi for the night, I officially named him “The Most Boring Date I Ever Had”.

Thank god, the menu was in chinese. We had something to talk about.