Sunday, June 03, 2007

Are We Running Out Of Better Things To Think Of?

10:30, this morning
Morning Briefing @ work.

After the regular announcements and reminders were run down by our stage managers and dance captains, a fellow dancer (a local), raised her hand and delivered her concern in Cantonese. By the way she delivered her speech, we, non-Cantonese speaking cast members, were convinced her issue was something "major". One of our stage managers responded to her and she had a rebuttal. This time, her voice grew more assertive and her facial expression changed from "simply stating a fact" to "come on! we've got to do something about this." We were intrigued. Then the stage manager who answered her translated the whole thing in English.

My colleague's issue was this: there are times when the music in warm up is too loud for her. She decided to bring it up in the morning briefing so that our direct supervisors could do something about it.


2:30 pm, today
15 minutes just before the warm-up

I practically had nothing to do today between the morning briefing and the warm-up class. That's about 4 hours. I decided to sleep on the couch in the green room as soon as the morning briefing was over, so that I may get to recover from yet another as-if-I'm-not-working-tomorrow night out I had with Chris and Dan last night. I had a friend wake me up at 2 so that I have enought ime to have lunch and get ready for warm-up.

Few minutes before the warm-up started, another colleague smiled at me menacingly and said "Another crazy night, huh?" I smiled back and nodded my head. Then he said, "You've been partying a lot quite often." It didn't bother me that he thought I've been partying like a rockstar lately because he sees me taking naps a lot lately. What bothered me was his answer when I asked, "Why do you think that?" He gave me a run-down of the days I came to work looking sharp (which meant I was going somewhere after my shift), the days I slept heavily in the green room as opposed to taking a midday recharge-nap, and the days I came to work wearing the same shoes and jeans I wore the day before (which meant I didn't sleep at home), over the past 3 weeks.

Isn't that scary?

7:30pm, tonight
Just before I started writing this entry

I received an email from a friend of mine who is in Manila. In the "to:" box, I noticed that there were roughly 25 names listed. So it was a mass email. But it wasn't chain mail (thank God!). The subject read: "Help Needed". There was a headshot of an oriental lady in her mid-20's looking all glamed up, attached in the mail. Below the picture, she wrote: "Do you think I should cut my hair this short? Please reply ASAP."


People --- millions of them --- are dying every minute around the world because of famine, disease, wars and pointless killings. Natural calamities are constantly destroying homes and livelihood day in and day out. The problem on terrorism hasn't waned at all yet.
And the loud music in warm-up, my social life and a hair makeover are all these people can think about?
Some people are more in need to be busy than me!