Saturday, June 30, 2007

About A Boy At The Gym (the locker room bit)

After removing my shoes and socks, I opened my locker to get my toiletries. I removed my sweaty tank top and shorts then I wrapped my towel around my waist and took off my jock straps. I turned around the corner to go to the sink where I was going to brush my teeth. Then I saw him again. To the left of the sink, he stood, probing his locker --- topless, with his Ipod on. He turned to me and said, "Hey!"

I looked away, pretended not to hear him, hurried to the sink and started brushing my teeth. He probably thought I was a snob, or that I wasn't interested in anything at all. He could have lost interest already. Sad! But then again, it was quite a relief to me. After spitting out the Aquafresh bubbles into the sink, I looked up. There he was --- white towel wrapped a bit low around his waist, pecs swollen, nipples red, delts ripped, with a thin chain of gold around his neck, sweat running the cut that ran from his chest down to his abs, studly, smiling menacingly --- looking at my reflection at the mirror.

"Need anything?" I thought of asking. I didn't. I smiled instead.

"You live here?" he asked me.

I turned around to face him and leaned on the sink. I replied, "No. I'm just a guest."

"I thought you were alone."

"A friend of mine who lives here just signed me in then left. She had to go somewhere."


"Uhh... Yes, she. Why?"

"Your girlfriend?"

"A close girl friend. Hehe! Why, do I look straight to you?"

He smiled. And a few beats later, he said, "Do I look straight to you?"

Oh no! I can't stay here. I'm just wearing a towel and I don't wanna get hard. It would be really embarassing! No! No! Go, Rye. Go! Leave!

I let out a chuckle to conceal my nervousness, then immediately, I said, "Excuse me. Shower."

I turned away from him and, immediately, I felt his strong hand grab me by the arm. "Wait," he exclaimed. My mouth dry, butterflies fluttering relentlessly in my stomach, my heart beating fast like I just finished Franz's Variation in Copellia, I turned to him.

to be continued...