Saturday, June 09, 2007

With A Little Bit Of Faith and Two Tablespoons of Clorox

written and published on Multiply, 11 April 07

We are hosting dinner (again) at our apartment tonight. By mid-day, I was planning to call it off because I woke up to the biggest disappointment one could ever imagine: my favorite, white Ralph Lauren shirt that's emblazoned with a silverish grey Ralph insignia on the left chest, had spots of tartar-colored stains everywhere. wheere they came from, I couldn't figure out until now.

I wanted to scream! I felt like breaking my dinnerware by throwing them on the floor. I wanted to smash the mirrors in our apartment. I just wanted the world to end.
Ok, that was an exaggeration. But really, I was disappointed. I've only worn that piece of clothing twice -- both occassions, I wanted to make an impression. And I did. And that shirt isn't something I could afford to purchase on a weekly basis. It's special.

But now I'm back on my feet. I'm disappointed no more. I'm ready to welcome our guests for dinner tonight. My favorite white Ralph shirt is now better. I have my faith and Clorox to thank. It still isn't as immaculately white as when I took it out of the shopping bag. But the spots are almost invisible. I worry not. I know that with a little more faith and two more tablespoons of Clorox, Ralphy will look good as new! :-)