Friday, May 02, 2008

Excuse Letter

I am afflicted with flu. I'm quite better now but not yet fully recovered. No longer feverish, but my cold has gotten worse, it has started to affect my sinuses. My coughing fits are more frequent too. Few days ago, they would only happen at bedtime or when I laugh or talk excessively; but now, whenever I try to breathe through my mouth (in show especially), my barking gets out of control. I kinda understand well the cause of this atrophy. Besides that my body doesn't really respond well to medication and that HK weather is weird these days (plus the fact that the extreme humidity level allows bacteria and virus in the air to reproduce faster than I could ejaculate), I haven't really been the most responsible patient at all. Despite the sudden decline of my immune system, I still refused to let my social life lay low. No, no, no. Social life above all else.

Over the past few days too, I've been quite busy with extra-curricular activities. Here's one of my final outputs:

I'll be back really soon.