Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Flu is gone, gone, gone! And I and my friends are oh-so-geared up for the big weekend ahead!

Our boat reservation for floatilla has been confirmed and paid for; Orders have been placed; Shift changes --- approved; Beach towels, Speedos, sunscreens and tanning oils --- packed; Cameras --- charged; Diet is working out right... Baby, we are ready to rumble!

Keith arrives tomorrow night from New York and we are having a little welcome dinner with friends from work at my place. Nothing big. Just a simple gathering of friends who missed him, and a few that he will be floatilla-ing with.

Saturday morning, Andy arrives from London with his friend --- just in time for the Disney Gayday.

from Disney Gayday 07: Julius, Xiao Fei, Hok Leung, me & Dan

Disney Gayday 07: Xiao Fei, Hok Leung, (Andy's then-boyfriend), Andy, me

Saturday night is karaoke night at Steve's with the beckies that won't be joining us for floatilla.

Sunday 8am is time allocated for last-minute push-ups, crunches and pull-ups.

Then we are off for the biggest, hottest, wettest, sexiest gay event of Hong Kong... Floatilla 2008! And this year, we are bigger and better! (bigger both in terms of pecs and arms measurements, and the group of friends joining the event) 15 of us on the Volume boat, one of the biggest boats this year with a 100-person capacity.

Floatilla 07, sailing to turtle island: James & me
(in a black tank top, black Bali pants and black feather boas.
camp! camp! camp! LOL)

Floatilla 07 on board the Gay Invaders Boat 1: James, Tony, me & Julius


P.s. One of the best things my flu brought about is the dramatic reduction of body fat and retained water. Flu virus, anyone? ;-)