Thursday, May 15, 2008

We've Only Just Begun really recover from the big party weekend that had just gone by. We got drunk, we got stupid, we got naked, jolly, cranky, spaced-out, sick, perky, famished, wet, horny, cute, annoying, skinny, slutty, shameless, photographed, asked out, rejected, loud, intimidted, intimidating, obnoxious... Throw in any adjective and I'm pretty sure at one point or another, we were it, in the course of one weekend.

Welcome Dinner for Keith

on the menu --- Keith's favorite Filipino dishes:
bistek tagalog;
ginataang sitaw at kalabasa with shrimps;
chicken adobo;
inadobong baboy sa patis;
and lots and lots of San Miguel Pale Pilsen


Saturday morning
Disney Gayday

with Josh & Nick after the 2pm LK show

with Keith in a tiny red tank top and pouting Antonio

Dan & I with the two Andies

May 10 at the gayest place on earth


Saturday night
Karaoke at Steve's

(see the karaoke post here)

Sunday 10am-6pm

[Comment of the day: "You skinny bitch!"
-to Rye from different fags. Flu virus, anyone? ;-)]

minutes before getting on the boat, without a drop of alcohol in our bodies.

halfway to the Cheung Sha rendezvous.
Miro had changed into what was known that day as the showstopper outfit,
and a number of us had started taking our shirts off,
while some started feeling seasick

the lei --- the official Volume boat accoutrement

having a drink at the lower deck,
where one went if he wanted faster access to the john.
and to the bar.

the floats

the plan was to half-submerge my body in the water for pictorial purposes...

...until we got pulled into the water

Jethro and I starting to feel the buzz.
We had just gotten back from another boat where I was forced
(in an attempt to look cute to my crush for the day) to drink shots of tequila.

When the lesbians started swimming to our boat,
I started teasing the guys, "Mahiya naman kayo!
Mas hindi pa takot sa tubig yung mga babae kesa sa inyo!
(You ought to be ashamed of yourselves! The ladies are even less afraid of the water than you!)"
Few minutes later, with the aid of a floater,
Dan & Gil managed to paddle themselves 5 meters away from our boat.

Dancers. Bakla. Baklang dancers.
Where was I when this photo was taken?

Trying to convice myself I wasn't drunk.
And wondering what the food they served tasted like.

At 5pm, with no solid food and 2 liters of vodka in my system.

And the best triceps award goes to....