Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The 5AM Post

Somebody--- anybody--- please wake me up at 10am. I can't go to the gym later and I need to at least call my gym buddy to apologize profusely.

I didn't plan to not go. It's just that I can't work out with only 4 hours of sleep. I know it's my fault. It was a lapse in judgement on my part. It's 5am, and I'm right here, sitting naked, alone in my living room, with an empty bottle of red wine, an overflowing ashtray and a dry glass beside me. I've been sobbing and chuckling and sobbing-and-chuckling-at-the-same-time sporadically over the past 12 hours and I am here now, quite tipsy and feeling stupid. Not to mention, hooked. Big time.

Blame Enan and Steve and Josh (oh no! Josh... not you again!) for introducing me to this latest addiction.

And blame Greg Berlanti, the dramatic genius of our generation, as well --- the director of The Broken Hearts club (which, by the way I have seen for over a million times and will continue to do so until the day I die) --- for bringing us Brothers & Sisters. Damn! I just can't get enough of it!

Oh! I've gotten way out of control with this marathon. I barely spoke to any of my friends since the time I sat in front of my computer and started watching. I ditched calls, I ignored IMs, I even missed dinner, for Chrissakes!

Okay, enough. I'm gonna go to bed now so that I can wake up before 10 to be able to at least call my poor gym buddy.

Alright, alright. Maybe not yet. Just one more episode, I promise. Sarah & Joe are finally reconciling and that stupid Justin is starting to get to know Rebecca. And Hollie! Oh my god, she said "I let you treat me like dirt because I loved and respected your father. But I am done treating you with any measure of civility." She is about to step up and take revenge! I wonder what grand plans she is coming up with. And that guy, that model guy that Samantha Jones dated in SATC, remember him? He and Kevin are dating. Oh, and Rob Lowe. Rob Lowe, yes, Rob Lowe.

One last episode. I promise.