Friday, April 18, 2008

About A Boy And A Man

It had only been 2 hours since the boy and the man lay on the queen-sized bed of the hotel, "fooling around" (as the man put it). The man started rolling the tip of his tongue on the boy's left nipple and the boy responded with a pleasurable grunt. The man rubbed his bulge against the boy's, which, by then was so stiff, it was as if almost ready to explode.

With a devilish smile, the man asked the boy, "Horny?"

Flashing his smile --- his charming, boyish smile, as the man described it --- shyly, the boy replied, "Yes."

"How horny?"

"Hideously horny. You won't even understand."

"Ok. Stay there." The man punctuated their exchange and sat in front of his computer.

Thirty minutes later, the man hurried to his phone as it rang almost obtrusively. "Hey! Come up. 2419," he said quickly, without giving the other person on the line enough time to say anything other than "Hello?"

Few minutes later, a hunky chinese dude came in. The man asked him whether he wanted to play with the boy. He said that he'd love to. The man asked the boy, and he agreed with much enthusiasm. They fucked on the bed while the man sat beside his computer, watching them. Jacking off to them.

As soon as both the boy and the dude came, the man instructed the dude to leave, for the reason that the boy needed to rest. He did so without even asking the boy first whether he really wanted to rest. Or whether he wanted to play with the dude again. But the boy didn't budge. For the boy, it felt nice that he was with a man who acted like a man for him.

A little later, the boy told the man he was still horny. He said so hoping that the man would read it as "I want to have sex with you." But the man didn't seem to understand it that way. He went to his computer again and later on, two guys arrived. When the boy and the guys decided to play three-way, the man left the room, and returned only when he was sure the act was done.

The man asked the guys to leave and suggested to the boy to wash up. When the boy finished, he lay next to the man. They held each other and the boy rested his head on the man's chest, who by such time was tracing the outline of the boy's naked body.

A few deep breaths later, and almost two hours after the sex marathon began, the boy finally mustered the courage to ask, "Don't you find me sexually attractive?"

The man opened his mouth to answer, but he was cut by the boy.

"Wait, before you say anything, I want to say, for the record, that I have only had three relationships all my life. The shortest of them, spanned for two years. But I have fallen for a lot more than just three. Tens, maybe hundreds even, if we will include the spur-of-the-moment love affairs which didn't last more than 5 minutes. Having said that, please know that I am so used to rejection, I can handle it very positively and in a very mature fashion. I have come to terms with the thought that rejection is part of any relationship, and sometimes we just have to live with it. And I can live with it. So you don't need to lie. Don't you find me sexually attractive?"

"It's not fair to say that I don't find you sexually attractive."

The boy waited for the man to bolster his anwer. But it seemed that there was nothing to follow. With the same calmness that the man had when he said his piece, the boy asked, "Why don't you wanna have sex me then?"

With a sudden burst of exasperation, the man sat up and almost screaming, he said, "God knows how much I want to have sex with you. I wanna fuck your brains out better than that chinese guy did! God, you made me hard the minute you walked in my room. But I can't."

"Why not? We never even kissed."

"Because I am HIV positive. And I don't want you to regret this day that we met."