Sunday, July 03, 2011

Home Is Where The Digestive System Is

27 June 2011
  • For the long but peaceful journey to Boracay
  • For the sunset margarita on the beach

28 June 2011
  • For the uninterrupted sleep
  • Getting up in the morning because I wanted to, and not because I had to.
  • Being able to sit by the pool and let the whole day pass without having to worry about trains, deadlines or call times to catch.

29 June 2011
  • For the profoundly calming siesta on the beach under the coconut trees
  • For my new tattoo

30 June 2011
  • For the, albeit rough, safe landing in Manila
  • To Tita Peps for the sumptuous Saisaki buffet
  • To Law for the warm welcome
  • For Tutit

1 July 2011
  • For the helpful teller at BPI Supercentre in Cubao
  • To Maan for the delectable Tong Yang dinner
  • To Jowjow SD, Pepe, and Cat for coming all the way to Makati to join us
  • To the Universe for giving me my emotional, complicated, high-strung, and lovable brother, Mai.

2 July 2011
  • For our dear La Rems

3 July 2011
  • For the extraordinary night at Bed
  • To LV, for his hospitality
  • To T, for the time, money, and effort that he spent to get to know and enjoy my roots
  • For the steamed crabs and roasted chicken for tonight's dinner

4 July 2011
  • Rems' lunch
  • Maan's patience
  • The great catching up at Jowjow's

5 July 2011
  • The fun podcasting with the Fabcasters
  • Dan's undying and genuine friendship
  • To Tita Mike & Tito Augie for coming to see me.

6 July 2011
  • "If home is where the heart is then i've left home for HK. But if home is where one has built a life he is comfortable with, then I've left Manila to come back home. Bye, Manila. Til we meet again. Hello, Hong Kong!"