Thursday, June 23, 2011

Closer To Home

17 June 2011
  • Luxuria opens.
18 June 2011
  • (La Chiquitta) is grateful for the applause. Dai ga, do che. Ngoh oi lei dei. --via Twitter
19 June 2011
  • Exactly a year ago tonight, Oliver was onstage-- the biggest choreographic project I've had to date, that led me to whole world of opportunities and possibilities.
20 June 2011
  • At Sunny Bay watching guests and cast members wait for the Disney train to open. I remember when I was one of them. When everyday, I would stand on this very same spot and wait for these very same doors to open, signalling the start of my workday. I have moved on from that life, and that piece of my past feels so distant to me now. I thank the Universe for where I am now, and I thank Mickey for opening even more doors for me besides those of his trains.
  • After 17 years of smoking (from when I was 11 years old), I gave it up, just like that, one day in 2008. Today, I celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of my Smoking Cessation.
21 June 2011
  • For the extra day off spent lazily on the couch.
22 June 2011
  • Dance Gala finished!
23 June 2011
  • The easy 3-hours-only workday that gave me the rest of my day to sleep in an extra hour and a half; have breakfast in bed (Thanks for that, T!); attend yoga class at lunch; stand in line for 40 minutes at the Consulate to apply and pick up my OEC for next week's trip home; make T dinner; finish eating before 9pm; and just lounge at home with T in front of the tv.
  • (from Val via Facebook) "We all know that poignant singing can move anyone to tears but very rarely can dancing. This made me think of you and how you use your body in this awesome art form. You know what I mean and where I'm coming from. I love you.."
24 June 2011
  • For the rare chance for Happy Hour
25 June 2011
  • "There is something tear-jerkingly fulfilling in this exhaustion. I love my job. I can never be grateful enough." -- via Twitter
26 June 2011
  • Festival Week is over!