Thursday, June 16, 2011

Long Stretch To Annual Leave

10 June 2011
  • For my students who did very well in their YPC Exam.
  • For the YPC Exam that led me to Mr. Barry's encouragement.

11 June 2011
  • For, despite the heavy downpour of rain, the calmness that Tung Chung brings.
  • For the warmth and comfort that my own bed still gives.

12 June 2011
  • For my Artistang Artlets training to remain poised and calm when faced with production stress

13 June 2011
  • For the easy Monday-in at work
  • 330 kcal burned on the stationary bike for La Chiquitta

14 June 2011
  • For my bright and lovely MT students who make Open Class a looked forward to event

15 June 2011
  • For the distraction-free and quiet time at the art room.

  • For T's brand-spanking-new stove top.
  • La Chiquitta has a new makeup bag from T. Not all drag queens are as lucky to have an accepting, loving boyfriend.

16 June 2011
  • To Rcxy for the Tender Juicy King Hotdog
  • For tonight's dress rehearsal in preparation for tomorrow's opening.