Sunday, June 22, 2008

What The Sunshine After The Rain Brings



Promise of a new beginning.

A little bit of rain is cute. It's inspiring. It's dramatic. It's poetic. It's romantic, even. But when it continually rains -- when it continually pours -- for 2 weeks in a row like it did here in HK, it can get depressing. No one is spared from the inevitable sporadic attacks of melancholia and gloom it brings.

So when the sun finally decides to show her face and give us her maternal warmth again after the rain, we frolic. We celebrate the hope and the promise of a new beginning that coming out ---her rebirth --- brings.


About A Boy And A Friend

you know you can come over if you feel like it. this is a thing for our circle of friends and you're still part of it. unless of course you've already decided you're not anymore.

and besides, this is a party for joe and jan. they're you friends too as much as they are mine. don't worry, you don't have to be nice to me if you don't want to.

let me know what you think so i can reserve you some pinakbet, if ever.
Thanks for the gesture. I do appreciate it. It means a lot to me.

Unfortunately, I do have plans for tonight. You guys enjoy yourselves. Greet Joe and Jan for me.
you're welcome.

and since we're at it already, we're (well, not all but those who won't have to work) heading to the beach tomorrow, around 11am. do come if you have nothing to do.

i hope you understand that i'm doing this because i want you to not feel that you have to exclude yourself from the clique or from any of its activities. and i thought if there really is no way we can get to be friends again, we have to at least learn to co-exist.
For the sake of our common friends, learning to co-exist should be the least. For the sake of both of us, maybe even start over. I think it may never be the same again but then again I'm open to starting over, wiser about it this time around. IMHO, we've both crossed our personal thresholds, but at least maybe this time, we can see the line better.

Please accept my apologies for however I've hurt you.

Honestly, i don't know if I'm ready, and I'm a bit scared. These things for me take time. I'm just counting on the fact that 3 months could be long enough.

For the sake of my guest, Alvin, who I want you guys to meet also, I'm considering your offers for me to join. If ever, can I bring him along? I still need to ask him though if he'd rather go out to the bars tonight as we originally planned.

It's been a year since I met you. Also a week (I think) before Summer Splash. :)
i hate you for bringing tears to my eyes now.

having said that, i don't think starting over is an option. it is inevitable. and i am dauntlessly willing to embrace that next chapter.

apologies accepted. please accept mine too. and i'm sorry it took a while for me to do that.

and yes, bring alvin along. it will be fun! unless he is filipino food-phobic. u know what you can do.. i think you should bring him to The Bar then leave around midnight so u can catch the last train coming here. it leaves the city at 1230. i won't be back from my caterer until around 11 anyway.
Time heals everything. :)

Alvin's not a big fan of filipino food, but not filipino food-phobic either. He says he doesnt need to go to The Bar tonight. We can do that tomorrow. Plus he'll be here for more than a week.

You still have extra cash for tinapa for me? I'm so tinapa-starved. Was so missing it the whole time in Europe. A couple of them will do. If not, ok lang din.
i'll save a tinapa for you. let's jut hope some people won't show up so that we have extra for a second serving.

oh and BTW, you know how it goes when pinakbet dinner happens in at mine. we don't serve other dishes or expensive wime because nobody cares about them anyway. so u might wanna pick up a bottle of wine for alvini so that he has something to consume.

see you tonight?
Yup. :)

...will be continued.