Friday, December 19, 2008

And I Ejaculated

Ok, so I was catching up on 3 weeks' worth of internet task backlogs while listening to the OST of Il Postino (deciding which track I will use for my performance engagement on Sunday), when, from my headphones, I started hearing short, faint beeps. About four of them. I got a bit panicky, because I knew for sure they weren't from Julia Roberts's reading of "Poor Fellows". I then clicked on all the 8 tabs that I had opened to check where the peculiar (but awfully familiar) beeps were coming from.

I found out that a good friend of mine, whom we will refer to as "VF", had started a chat session with me. Reading what she had written almost felt like hearing her say the actual words spoken three octaves higher than her normal speaking voice. Kilig. Wotir wotir. Nagtutubig.

Then she shared the e-love letter that she recently received from a gentleman she's been spending a little of her time with. After reading it, all I could type was---

Tomorrow na reaction ko dyan.

Because I was fucking lost for words! And how would I not be? As soon as my sight landed on the first word of the letter, my Itunes started playing "The Postman (Guitar and Bandoneon Version)". And, just a beat after the word "key", I ejaculated.

Without asking her for permission, I decided to post the letter on my blog---

I went to a wedding today. Many guys from Disneyland. My friend J was getting married.
And if you were there, I could have easily sneaked you out for a drink on the veranda,
it was in Gold Coast, the picturesque harbor, light breeze,
and palm trees (yes, palm trees), were all so readily at hand,
creating the perfect, or should I say,
it was not heaven, but you could see it from there...
and I would have looked into your eyes,
seen my own soul in them,
and devour your flesh like bees devour a flower,
and our love-making would have been sweeter than honey,
for we would have found paradise in a few precious moments.
But you didn't come.
You failed to know a mutual friend, or neglected his invitation.
And now look at you... still the same girl, always looking,
always one step to heaven's gate, but never having the key.

The Postman/Il Postino [Guitar and Bandoneon Version] - Original Score