Friday, March 05, 2010

Kainan Na (Naman)!

We are seldom complete in our flat, and so when we are, we make sure we have a nice dinner. Not necessarily swanky or traditional. Just nice enough to make us guilty and at the same time, gratified and smile and say, "Oh god! I overate!"

And also, whenever this happens, I try to document it and blog about it to make some people envious. Like Julius, for example, whose regular diet contains only three vowels: "fish and chips".

So for tonight...

Tinolang tulya (clams)-- cooked the traditional way (simmered with garlic, ginger, long green peppers and fish sauce) and flavored even more with chives and basil.

Tita Mike's Pinatisang Manok-- chicken wings cooked the way Tita Mike makes her Pinatisang manok (simmer in tamarind broth then drizzle with fish sauce and then fry) but smothered with ground garlic, rosemary and siling labuyo.

Steamed choi sum with spicy shrimp paste and green mango

Piping hot white rice

This house needs a food stylist.

On Monday morning, March 8, we are complete again. And it coincides with the Oscars. Does anyone wanna join us for Oscar's breakfast? We'll provide the hotdogs, fried rice and eggs. And maybe some homemade tapa (beef jerky). Hit us up!