Monday, April 12, 2010

Walking Parallel

This is the first Sunday in a long, long time that T & I did not spend together. It has sort of become a habit already--- I, staying over at his place on Sundays (among other days) or he, at mine. Wherever, we have always been together on Sundays over the past, maybe, 8 or 9 months.

But not today.

No movie plot-like reason or big mind-blowing discussions behind it. It was just easier for us to stay in our own respective islands today. He had a yoga studio opening to attend last night, while I had a party to host at my place. He had some cleaning up to do in his flat today, and so did I. Late this afternoon, he went to the gym and I, to the market.

Tonight, he made an important life-altering decision for his career, and tonight, too, I set an important goal for mine.

Tomorrow, we'll see each other again-- each of us with a more positive disposition and with something bigger to look forward to: both for our own selves, and for the other. It's been a day apart well-spent. I look back now, and I see two sets of footprints that, no matter how far their individual realizations have taken them, remained close, walking parallel to each other.