Saturday, June 05, 2010


This photo was taken on the eve of Day 1 of our low carb, low salt, low sugar, high protein, high fiber diet programme which was supposed to run for 2 weeks.
April 22, 2010.

This was what we had.
Pinaupong manok, pritong isda, binagoongan leftover, munggo guisado with tuna and
crumbled smoked bacon, steamed white rice.
(Scolded [for lack of a better term] chicken, fried fish, pork in shrimp paste sauce leftover,
sauteed lentils with tuna and topped with crumbled smoked bacon, white rice)

After that night, our diet consisted of "healthy" protein like this one.
Baked catfish fillet.

Also fruits and greens. Fruits would be our breakfast and snack. And we're big on greens!
All kinds of them, from organic iceberg lettuce, to rocket, to choi sum. Raw or steamed.

Once, we felt the need for rice because we were having baked chicken marinated in rendang sauce.
So to have the feel and look of rice without the unwanted carbs, we paired it with mashed cauliflower.

What was planned to run for two weeks showed results that we loved! And so we decided
to keep following the same diet regimen, just tweaked a little bit so that we no longer lost
any more weight since we have achieved our desired weight anyway.

It's been more than a month. But tonight, we decided to go for a break. Just tonight.
We didn't have rice, or anything as sinful as that. We had something... a little bit more sinful.

The photo disgracefully failed to do Vanessa's chocolate mousse justice. But it was divine! We had a big slice each,
and we're not guilty. Tomorrow's another day. And we have some more left for tomorrow.

Thanks, Vanessa!