Monday, September 06, 2010

Bigger, Better. It Is, Trust Me.

Now on its second year, Man Asia Productions shakes up the community yet again with bigger ideas, a wider reach, a more global perspective, an even more Hongkonger set of core values, and more detractors to prove wrong.

Who will Mr. Gay HK 2010 be? The quest has begun.

Have you got the charm, the willingness and the heart to be the
ambassador of Hong Kong's gay community?

BE Mr. Gay Hong Kong 2010!

Established in 2009 by MAN Asia Productions, the Mr. Gay Hong Kong pageant is much more than a beauty contest. While physical beauty is part of the consideration, it is a young man's character and personality that make a difference in the selection. The winner or Mr. Gay Hong Kong assumes ambassadorship of the local gay community for one year, and the privilege of representing Hong Kong in the prestigious Mr. Gay World Pageant in Manila, the Philippines.

Download the Application form here:

There’s More Than One Way To Be A Man ®