Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Rainbow Has Spoken

"What's in it for you?", was the common question that followed whenever I asked a friend to vote for my blog in the Rainbow Blog Of The Week race. Most of the time, my answer would be "Week-long prestige". Sometimes, "Fame. Site traffic. Advertisers. Money. And when I start earning heaps of money, I'll buy you a bag."

To some people, this recognition may seem petty. Silly, even. Maybe even to me when I look back at this years from now. But behind all that silliness and pettiness lie 2 enriching lessons: 1) that whatever you believe in, even if it doesn't make much sense to other people, if you believe in it adamantly, people will be willing to give you support and help when you ask for them; and 2) that the go-getter in me is still alive.

Just about an hour ago, I received the following message on my YM:

Rainbow Blog for week 3 is "Cant You Read?" .
Cast your votes now for Week 4.
The Nominees are: "Am I Brilliant or What?!?" again,
"Ang Misiz ng Blogspot",
"Mandaya Moore-Orlis",
and "Pop Max Now".
For those who have and haven't nominated yet,
nominate your friend's blog or even your own blog.
-(Yffar & Geisha Klein)

Flattering as it may be, this news that I received tonight could never come close to the epiphany that I had this afternoon, in terms of the sense of victory it brings. I wasn't even interested anymore to hear the final tally. I was content in knowing that the experience, no matter how petty or silly as it may appear, has served its purpose in my life. For that, I am thankful to the Universe.

And to everyone that the Universe had chosen to be instruments for Its divine purpose to unfold: to everyone who voted--- friends from all over the world; to everyone I asked to vote but didn't; to everyone who tried but didn't make it to the deadline; to Gil Khan, Marah, Jethro, Josh, Enan, Steve, Miro and Dan who helped me spread the word and gather votes; to Remcyl, who nominated me; to T, who was to me what Kitty Walker was to Senator Maccalister--- a supportive, loving partner and Director of Communications rolled into one; and to each person responsible of the 356 votes, whose names should be here, my sincerest thanks.

Someday, somewhere, I will face a battle that will require me to muster enough determination to fight for something that I believe in so much--- it could be for my own peace of mind or something that will save mankind, I don't know--- and this experience will be the bank from which I will draw that determination. You, each one of you, will be as much a part of that as you have been in this poll.

Love y'all!