Monday, March 02, 2009

What Excites Me

I've just been given two wonderful, wonderful invitations: a dance performance for Likha's anniversary concert, and a docu project.

And as if those weren't enough to make me wet with anticipation, I asked two people to collaborate with me in the first project: Jethro and Rems.

Jethro saw a contemporary dance show on Friday and went to a Bhuto workshop on Saturday. The inspiration to create that he showed when I saw him after those re-immersion activities was overwhelming and utterly contagious. I just can't wait to start on our piece.

Three weeks ago, Rems expressed her desire to enrol in a Creative Writing Workshop, which I support tremendously. But since there's none yet opening soon, I asked her tonight if she wanted to write me a a few verses that I would use for the piece. "I'll do it now," was her response.

Although Dan is just a meter and a half away from me right this very moment, and Verna could very well be reached through her mobile, I haven't really talked to them about the next CMO Productions project. I will soon. Probably before Sunday. I'm still awaiting a continuity script. Then our project is a go. Dan and Verna, if you think the 2007 Christmas Project was big, wait till you hear about this one, Let's keep our fingers crossed that we get the project. And thanks, Jojo for hooking me up! Number 1 ka sa puso ko! ;-)