Monday, April 20, 2009

BBQ We Promised, BBQ We Served

Dan & Rye promised a BBQ party for their anniversary. So despite the nonstop downpour of rain, they forced themselves to put barbecue on the table. It was a fun-filled night, to say the least.

Amidst the beautiful chaos that went on that night--- somewhere in the middle of taboo, charades, karaoke, gossiping, eating, drinking and back-and-forth mocking--- an episode was recorded by Dan & Rye, with, of course, a little help from their friends: Enan, Rey, and the HK Beckies.

Listen up, kasuys! Forgive us if the sporadic tilian and the walang-awat na pag-a-accent ng mga bakla might bother you. They were ill effects of carbon poisoning brought about by barbecue-ing indoors.

From Dan & Rye, a million thanks to the beckies, especially to Enan & Rey for hosting, and to Josh for this episode's special CBB.