Saturday, July 03, 2010

The Loving Kind

I have, by default, a strange kind of fondness with people born under the sign of Cancer. They are motherly, nurturing, and loving. But can also be overly sensitive, highly emotional and dramatic. But I know how to deal with that. In fact, I love that about them.

I grew up in a home where there were two of them, and everyday, I would find myself learning something new about their psyche. There was drama at any given time, and most of the time it drove me nuts.

Today, the three of us are living in different parts of the world (the fourth of us is in heaven), but that's not enough reason for their flare for drama to wane. It no longer drives me nuts. It makes me smile and say, "I wouldn't want it any other way." Funny as it may be, that is the kind of love that transcends time and miles and miles of distance and gives me comfort and joy at any given time I may want it, or need it.

And these two---

are love, personified.

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful Cancers on the face of the earth!