Monday, April 25, 2011

Of Friends, Food & Macau (The Blog Entry) 1

One of the maaaaany things I love most about my new job is that it gives me the chance to enjoy public holidays the way every hardworking adult is entitled to enjoy them.

Since I moved here to HK in 2005, I have never been able to experience the long Easter weekend until this year. Yes, that's five years of working Lent, my sweethearts. Five! And I wasn't even aware what I was missing until last Saturday morning, in Macau.

photo taken just about two minutes before the "little emergency"

T and I were sitting in a cozy, little coffee shop called Cuppa Coffee in Old Taipa, waiting for our very, very good friends, Belle, Jojo & Verna (we were gonna go for lunch in Coloane). I was forcing myself to drink up my Vitamin Water while T was having his baguette, and raving about it. I had to rudely interrupt T from his monologue to run to the washroom and excrete, orally (I know. Eew!), the last three glasses of champagne I had at Cubic, six hours back. I was hating myself terribly for the immensity of hangover I subjected myself to. But at the same time, I was thoroughly enjoying the fact that I now have the luxury of sitting hungover in a coffee shop outside of Hong Kong on a Black Saturday.


About twenty hours prior to that hangover, T & I were on the ferry to Macau, watching RuPaul's Drag Race on my computer when, out of nowhere, I remembered my Good friday entries for the past two years. Both years, I posted the question, "What is so good about Good Friday?" I didn't mean to be sacrilegious. I meant what I asked. Why do we say, "Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday"? Why not Black Friday or Maundy Friday? Why not Good Thursday or Good Saturday? Why Good Friday? I thought of posting it again as soon as we reached Macau. Three's a charm after all. Maybe this time, I'd get an educated answer. But as soon as we got off the ferry and tried to overtake all the other passengers to beat them to the immigration, I just forgot what I wanted to blog about. To re-blog. And I never had the chance to do it anymore.

Nakety nak

The excitement of the weekend started as soon as my Nak picked us up from the Pier. We went over to their place, and he started making dinner. Then Noelito came home and then we headed to the liquor store to pick up a bottle. We ended up picking up five.

The fun officially starts.

Drunk and hungry, and still posing

We had dinner, drank some more and then headed to Cubic where we met their colleagues, Monica, and Alisa & Alex. A little bit of dancing and litres and litres of alcohol later, we headed back to Noel & Nak's-- drunk and hungry. Noel decided to cook pesto for us. At 430 in the morning! I'm overeating, I realized. Immediately, I justified myself. I'm on vacay.


Verna, Jojo & Belle arrived and after the besos, Belle immediately offered an Advil. Jojo had read my tweet before they left and so they decided to be really awesome friends and bring me some of those. We took the bus to Coloane and had lunch at Nga Tim. Their soup was ridiculously simple but very hearty. And, what's more, it made my hangover go away!

photo credit: Fajee (not in the pic)

We finished our sumptuous lunch of mussels, squid, lemon chicken, and two different dishes of prawns two hours later, and after someone declared that he has had a minor injury eating the mussels, T & I took a taxi to Old Taipa.

We got dropped off in a place we both had never seen before. After verbally admitting we were lost, we took a photo and called Nak for rescue.

...will be continued