Thursday, April 28, 2011

Of Friends, Food & Macau (The Blog Entry) 3


After the show, T & I went over to the Venetian Food Court and had some comfort food: Pho. And then after a tiramisu from the must-visit Florian bar and an attempt to win big bucks from the slot machine, we cabbed our way to Jojo & Belle's where the couple and Verna were waiting. A night of some drinking, some special video screening, some chit chat, and the best of all... some shots. Camera shots. Not tequila. We're too old for those.

The following morning, I was awaken by what sounded like a stage whisper from T. He was asking me to start making brekkie, in the softest voice possible so as not to wake our hosts up. But in less than three minutes, we heard Noel's voice and in an instant, the whole household was bustling with activity. I was preparing the bowls of fruit and cereal while Noel was preparing ham sandwiches. It was gonna be a light breakfast, since the main event for the day was lunch at Fernando's. Half an hour later, we were all done with breakfast, done with shower and was ready to race all the other brunchers to the doorstep of the famous resto.

Fernando's is a well-renowned Macau tourist attraction. They're open everyday except on the 1st of May, serving to hundreds and hundreds of pilgrims day in and day out. They open their doors at 12noon on the dot, and they don't take table reservations. First come, first serve. Survival of the fittest. So we made it a point to be there early. We were hoping to be able to place our orders in advance, sit in the waiting area and have a sangria, perhaps, while waiting for it to officially open for the day. We got there at 11:05, and we were surprised to see that even the waiting area in the compound was still inaccessible at that time. We decided to take a walk on the beach... Take some photos (What else does one expect? Duh!) and then be back just in time before all the other people start to arrive. Brilliant. So we did just that, and when we went back 10 minutes later, we found ourselves at the end of the 10-meter queue going in.

About forty minutes and a bottle of Heineken later, Fernando (not the real one) opened his portals to us, mortals, and each group was directed to its respective table. We were lucky to have made the cut, as they ran out of tables after two groups from us. Then finally, lunch. It was well worth the travel. Well worth the waking up early. Well worth the almost-one-hour wait.

We took the taxi back to Old Taipa immediately after lunch for some self-service frozen yogurt, a bit of sight-seeing, and what became Entry 113 of Jojo Mamangun's 365 Project.

After a bit of a caucus, we hiked (literally) to the Venetian to get Tiya Razel's Lord Stow Egg Tarts, and to have some ourselves. Then, it was time to ferry back to HK. But we changed our mind.

will be continued...