Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Of Friends, Food & Macau (The Blog Entry) 4


After a bit of a caucus, we hiked (literally) to the Venetian to get Tiya Razel's Lord Stow Egg Tarts, and to have some ourselves. Then, it was time to ferry back to HK. But we changed our mind.

Soon after Noel mused how manic it must be going back to HK, we hopped on a cab and dashed to the only ParkNShop in Taipa to pick up ingredients for the dinner that Chef Noelito was preparing for us.

Three hours later, we sat around the table eating quietly. The hosts were probably exhausted from the party-slash-touristy weekend that they have just had. We, their visiting friends, however, were quiet because we were already winding down and (sadly) prepping ourselves for the trip back to HK which was gonna happen first thing the following morning.

By 11:30 that night, the house was quiet, and I was the only person awake. The only sounds that could be heard were deep snores and the ticking of my computer keyboard.

The following morning, the couple had already left when T & I woke up. After a little bit of tidying up and a quick shower, we found ourselves rolling our suitcase out of Noelito & Nak's flat. I paused and looked back before shutting the door, to check that our little thank you note was exactly where I wanted it to be, and to blow our foster home a kiss. I uttered a short prayer to keep the owners of the home safe, blessed and always joyous.

T swung by Cuppa Cup to get one last baguette before heading to the ferry that would carry us back to busy, hectic Hong Kong.

We boarded the ferry less than an hour later and then I had a sudden recollection. My blog entry. My "What's so good about Good Friday?" post. And this has been the answer. This year's Good Friday marked the beginning of a super weekend. It was far better from just Good. It was the Best Friday I've had in so long.


T & I would like to thank our darling friends for the loveliest time that we had in Macau.

Belle, thank you for spending precious time with us walking the streets of Macau and travelling from place to place when you should be resting at home scratching your belly and waiting for the baby to kick. Jojo, thank you for the beautiful photos-- the icing on our Macau trip cake. Verna, thank you for just being as touristy as we were in the mood to be. We've been friends for a long time but I don't think we've ever done that before.

Alisa & Alex, thank you for joining us to Cubic and adding even more fun to the night. Monica, thank you for being very available to us, wherever our plans or the lack of them led us to.

Noelito & Nak, thank you for opening up your lovely home to us. Thank you for the rockin night at Cubic, for the 4am pesto, for the Rosti and for sharing your invaluable time with us Noelito. Thank you for picking us up from the pier, for the curry dinner, for rescuing us when we were lost and for organizing the House Of Dancing Water, nak. We owe you biiiiiiig time!

We love you and thank you for making my first ever real holiday so memorable.