Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Another 365 Project

Today, I decided to start my very own 365 project. But since I am neither a photographer or a DJ, this project won't feature still photos or chanson du jour's. Instead, it will be about stuff that I am grateful to Life and the Universe for. And since, I know, there are too many people, things and incidents to be thankful for on a daily basis, please forgive me if I write more than one entry a day. And more importantly, to everyone I owe gratitude who don't make it to the posts, forgive me too. Know that at the exact moment that you showed me kindness and love, I already have thanked you in my heart.

original photo borrowed and tweaked without permission from Jimbography

23 May 2011

  • My ex-dance students from the YMCA International Kindergarten School remembering, and missing, Mister Rye. They remembered my winged silver shoes too!
  • "You're looking really good. You look very happy with your life" -- Susie Young
  • "Miss you Chix!" -- Rai Lee via Facebook
  • T preparing my steamed salmon and mixed greens with avocado and parmesan cheese lunch for tomorrow.

24 May 2011

  • The clouds, the low humidity level and the half-hiding sun that made today's weather perfect for lunchtime picnic at the park.
  • MPF
  • YMCA International Kindergarten School, Fusion Academy of Performing Arts and Central Dance Studios for the income they gave me when the company that I was supposedly working full time for was going bankrupt and couldn't pay me my wages.

25 May 2011

  • When Life gives you a gift, you say "thank you" and take it; you don't give it back and say "i don't deserve it". After all, we ALWAYS get what we deserve. Always.
  • La Chiquitta is Rosebud in Golden Voice Entertainment's Sleeping Beauty.

26 May 2011
  • The morning off that gave me my much-needed additional two hours of sleep.
  • The courteous taxi driver that brought me to Bel-Air.
  • The ever-so-helpful Teacher Alisa
  • Our bright and adorable Bel-Air students
27 May 2011
  • My lunchtime siesta
  • The Universe's surprise visitor-- a person I didn't quite get along with in the past but proved to be such a big help today, as I was struggling to get through my day despite the flu.
  • The steak dinner that T had planned in lieu of Jacs' birthday barby.

28 May 2011
  • My bright, adorable and talented Musical Theatre kids who did well in their TGYP Exam
  • My dance circle girls who are starting to develop a sense of responsibility
  • My diligent Jungle Book cast who made tonight's rehearsal far easier than I had anticipated
29 May 2011
  • T's healthy, hearty breakfast
  • The opportunity to work closely with Fajee, a friend whose passion and artistry, I admire; and with her very hardworking kids.
  • Chaat Masala & Fenugreek-- my new favorite spices.
  • The fact that I don't like calling in sick anymore.